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  • Monday Psychic Readings at 6 pm PST, 646-727-2914

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    Welcome to Monday Psychic Readings with Lennis and Ms. Nina.   I'm so glad you are joining and supporting the show.  We cover personal to business readings daily.  It is our pleasure and honor to answer your questions.  Remember your destiny can change, you have control of your future.  We will give you answers to the best of our abilities, what you do with the information is up to you.
    Daily Psychic Readings are done on the website: www.theessenceofsuccess.net   From 11am to 7pm every night.  If you're not ready yet to schedule a reading, at least go to the website and subscribe to rerceive the monthly newsletter and contests.  If you have any messages for us send them at the website or Facebook page: The Essence of Success  Radio Network. Show phone:  646 - 727 - 2914  Thank you and enjoy the show.  2019, a year of Magic, Miracles, and Achievements for all.  Thank you!

  • A baseball update, midwest edition

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    The East Coast had MLB's champion last year, but I don't see that happening this year.  On this edition, we'll have a look at the baseball season with one month to go.  A perennial competitor has returned to the top in the east, a local team is still finding hard times, and there is a team down south that is making some very loud noises and taking absolutely no prisoners in their race back to the top.  We'll take a look at MLB 2019 on the August 19 edition of the show.  See you on the radio then.

  • Elava Jade and Solfiyah

    in Spirituality

    Psychic Readings, Sprituality, Talk show

  • Living in the Vortex with Alana Kay

    in Spirituality

    Most people do not have fine-tuned energy fields. This creates inertia and confusion. If you want to live the life you were meant to live, you must learn how to refine your energy!! This show focuses on doing energy readings to help callers learn the necessary spiritual disciplines. Alana's books include: Heaven is Here, 144,000 Points of LIght, Wishing on Your Own Star, Living in the Vortex and Ascension.
    Facebook: The Soul Sherpa Alana Kay
    email: alana@alanakay.com  
    website: www.alanakay.com

  • Center Of The Universe: Special Message To My Son Part 2 (Lies To Athena)

    in Spirituality

    Introductory Harmonics
    A Journey Into The Mind
    A Brief Answear To Your Specific Question
    Your Mothers Problem With Me (My Diarchy)
    The Hurt It Causes Me (Because Of Hers)
    Intermission Harmonics
    An Introduction To Some Of The Family You Don't Know You Have
    The Hurt It Causes Me
    Affinity Reality Communication
    Separation Disharmonics

  • #432 Author and Yogi Dee Delaney

    in Spirituality

    PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS A PRE-SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT!  This show is pre-recorded and will become available in the section below, ON DEMAND EPISODES, at the normal show time.  Thanks for your understanding!
    Please join Dave the Mystic on Monday, August 19th at 8PM MDT with guest Dee Delaney.  Dee Delaney is an author, mother, and yogi. She worked at the BBC for 14 years before the sudden and unexpected death of 3 partners, all young men in their 40s, stopped her in her tracks. After struggling to make sense of life, and deal with this harrowing grief, Dee surrendered to the silence and sat in quiet meditation where she listened to the sound of her soul.
    As she connected to the Goddess within, ‘She' moved to Goa India where she now lives with her son and has just completed a trilogy of books called The Truth Within. Dee lives and breathes this work, and the amazing stories and experiences she writes about have taken her across India to discover the fascinating truth about who she is and her life purpose.
    Her website is deedelaney.co.uk
    Dee’s trilogy of books are available to buy via Amazon . Barnes and Noble and all good online bookstores.
    Thanks for listening!
    Dave the Mystic

  • Tuesday Morning Prayer and Inspiration

    in Spirituality

    Come and Join Us As We Seek The Face Of God And Call Forth His Miracles In The Earth

  • Grace Nurture

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    Faith. Spirituality, Grace, Morning Inspiration, Encouragement, Religion, Prayer, Praise

  • Ecclesiastes 1; PT 2 The Futility of All Endeavors. 818-688-5650.

    in Spirituality

    Ecclesiastes 1 PT 2 Amplified Bible (AMP)
    The Futility of All Endeavors
    3.)  What advantage does man have from all his work Which he does [a]under the sun (while earthbound)? 4.)  One generation goes and another generation comes, But the earth remains forever. 5.)  Also, the sun rises and the sun sets; And hurries to the place where it rises again.

  • 01:05

    Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn & Adrienne Maree Brown

    in Spirituality

    Leslie with this months guest: Adrienne Maree Brown is the author of Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds and Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good, and the co-editor of Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements. She is a writer, social justice facilitator, pleasure activist, healer and doula living in Detroit. brown has been facilitating professionally for over fifteen years and has worked with hundreds of organizations at all levels of scale including informal collectives, foundations, national networks and more. She is the co-host of the How to Survive the End of the World podcast.

  • Morning With Jesus 8/20/19

    in Spirituality

    Join Barbara Grace Reynolds and DC Love as they channel messages from Jesus and other Divine Beings.
    DC Love is a natural born psychic-medium, channeler, healer and empath.  She communicates with loved ones who have passed over, as well as with Angels and Assended Masters.  She has a diverse background in Karate, Kung fu, law enforcement and private investigation.  She is currently studying Reiki and other spiritual matters.  She is a wife, mother and greandmother.  Her mission is to help people in a loving way.  Love is who she is and what she does.  She is guided by Love. https://www.facebook.com/dc.love.58
    Barbara Grace Reynolds is a Freedom and Empowerment Coach, Divine Infinity Healer, Innate Releaser, Conscious Channel, Speaker, Author and, Teacher, who assists others in transforming their lives. Barbara Grace also provides a one time only discounted 30 minute Discovery session so that you can have more clarity in your life.  Just go to her scheduler and book a session:  https://10to8.com/book/barbara-grace-reynolds/  To learn more visit Barbara's websites at:  www.divinelyguidedhealing.com, www.infinityhealingforwomen,
    If you feel that this show and the work that I do has benefited you and you would like to have an energy exchange then feel free to go to my website: http://www.divinelyguidedhealing.com/donations.html and make a donation.  This is just another way for you to bring balance into your life.

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