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    CHEROKEE BILLIE Clairvoyant - Pets, Angels, Afterlife - Readings

    in Spirituality

    "I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister Working as a Spiritual Consultant who accesses Spiritual Guidance, via Angels, Prayer, Clairvoyant, Psychic, Transpersonal Psychology, and Naturopathic Healing
    Billie is an animal communicator also.
    I can do readings on any topic.  I am a Certified Animal Communicator as well as a Certified Reiki Animal Healer. Working with animals is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. Also known as Pet Psychic.

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    My Spiritual Life with Guest Co-Host Kristen Lynn

    in Spirituality

         Welcome to another Spontaeous episode of A Millennial's Third Eye.
    My name is Joe and ill be your host this evening along with my guest co-host, Kristen Lynn.
    Links and where you can connect with Kisten, Facebook   
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    Live with Ilene ~ The Heart Healer: Spiritual Wisdom & Intuitive Readings

    in Spirituality

    Happy Sunday. Join Ilene as she shares about “Are You An Empath?” Thank you for Following the show and sharing with those you love.
    Are you Confused? Do you need clarity on issues you're struggling with? Have a medical intuitive question? Looking for guidance for your relationships or business? I so love to share each week with the intention to provide wisdom that I hope will make your life a bit more joyful.
    Tune in Sunday, July 24th at 7pm Eastern as Ilene shares spiritual insights and heart-centered wisdom from the Akashic Records in response to callers' questions. If you would like to speak with Ilene on air, dial (619) 924-9726 at 6:45pm Eastern to get into the queue.
    Ilene combines over 50 years in Nursing and 28 years in Vibrational Healing to create a personalized holistic approach to clearing energy blocks. She helps an International clientele of heart-centered individuals and entrepreneurs who struggle with trauma, fear, self-sabotaging, negative thoughts or behaviors and self-worth issues, to experience inner peace, self-confidence, empowerment and clarity about their soul’s purpose. Ho'oponopono ~ "I love you, Thank you."
    Ilene’s Website: Join The Heart Healers Ho’oponopono Community FB Group Experience the monthly New Moon Clearing: To schedule a Complimentary Heart Healer Session:

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    Pt2 #Rastafari #TishaBav #1stDay #Devarim Rss#44 #Words #BetaIsrael @LOJS

    in Spirituality

    Devarim | ????? | "Words" ?????? ?? [?? ??] | yeNegerachew Qal [yih’ new]
    Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22
    Isaiah 1:1-27
    Acts 9:1-21
    Deuteronomy 1:1 | Events at Horeb Recalled
    Deuteronomy 1:9 | Appointment of Tribal Leaders
    Deuteronomy 1:19 | Israel's Refusal to Enter the Land
    Deuteronomy 1:34 | The Penalty for Israel's Rebellion
    Deuteronomy 1:46 | The Desert Years
    Deuteronomy 2:26 | Defeat of King Sihon
    Deuteronomy 3:1 | Defeat of King Og
    Isaiah 1:1 | Introduction
    Isaiah 1:2 | The Wickedness of Judah
    Isaiah 1:21 | The Degenerate City
    To be a person of successful faith, it is important to develop an unwavering belief in God's faithfulness to His promises. The Bible is full of extravagant promises. When a father promises his son, "Tonight I will bring home ice cream," the child anticipates ice cream. He does not doubt. A person should strive to develop the simple, trusting faith of a child.
    For Commentary:

  • 01:03

    AETHERIUS RADIO LIVE Latest UFO News Around the World

    in Spirituality

    This month's show is with Host: Chrissie Blaze and Guest:Julian Rosser will discuss the latest UFO News Around the World. Aetherius Society members bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. Wonderful topics every month such as The Nine Freedoms, Ascended Masters, Karma and more!

  • 00:31

    The Power of Heart Presence - Healing the Effects of Manipulation

    in Spirituality

    In this episode, we talk about the power of observation and heart coherence as a means to counter manipulation and whatever is trying to control us. How do you feel stronger than whatever is coming into your space wanting to control you? We discuss how the role of observation in healing disease and share some insights on breaking free from the limits of our conditioning.
    In this radio broadcast, Elena Radford and Kinan Whyte join forces to explore the power of heart presence.
    Elena offers wisdom through the Inca Way, ancient technology, and art sciences that support you to transform subconscious genetic limitations, make higher choices for your life path, and create a better future by shifting the energy of the present.
    Kinan offers guidance through soul alchemical processes and empowerment. He supports others to anchor the divine through authenticity, align with purpose, and cultivate abundance through embodiment practices.
    To contact Elena visit:
    To book a service with Elena:
    To contact Kinan visit:
    To book a service with Kinan:

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    A Mother’s Journey Through the Death of Her Daughter with Sariah Ellsmore

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Sariah Ellsmore, discussing Sunn: A Mothers Intimate Journey Through the Death of Her 19 Year-Old Daughter. We all know that life can change in an instant. One moment life is bustling with progress and promise, goals and plans are being made, and then a single second changes everything. This story is about a grieving mother's journey to find answers to life's biggest questions after suddenly and tragically losing her teenage daughter.
    Sariah courageously shares her raw emotions in this heartfelt compilation of journal and blog entries during the first year of her grieving. With every challenge in her process, she finds new ways to not only make it through the day but to continue to thrive and follow her path, even when things feel impossible. To her surprise, she begins a beautiful and healing dialogue with her newly departed daughter, Juliana Sunn. This book will help those experiencing loss to look beyond their unbearable pain for signs that their loved ones are still around, and showcases the awe that occurs in the healing process.
    Author Sariah Ellsmore is first and foremost a mother of four and a lover of life. Commercial helicopter pilot and owner of the SE School of Movement, she has studied at Utah State University, Pacific School of Massage, and Palm Beach Helicopters. She enjoys spending time with her grown children, learning, traveling, flying, aerial art, performing, painting, and the great outdoors. Sariah is a fulltime RV traveler and travels the country connecting with many beautiful people and places and considers herself a resident of all of the US. She has challenged herself to write daily after the death of her daughter. The result is three books within three years, all released by the death date. Her other books include Year Two and 2017. Sariah is currently working on her fourth book. 

  • 02:01

    The Local Universe Sons of God—Paper 35—Part V: The Lanonandek Sons & Rulers

    in Spirituality

    Join us this week as we resume our study on Urantia Paper 35, The Local Universe Sons of God, where we will recap the Vorondadek Worlds then discuss The Lanonandek Sons and their rulership!
    The Lanonandeks are the continuous rulers of the planets and the rotating sovereigns of the systems. Such a Son now rules on Jerusem, the headquarters of your local system of inhabited worlds.
    The System Sovereigns rule in commissions of two or three on the headquarters of each system of inhabited worlds. The Constellation Father names one of these Lanonandeks as chief every dekamillennium. Sometimes no change in the head of the trio is made, the matter being entirely optional with the constellation rulers. System governments do not suddenly change in personnel unless a tragedy of some sort occurs. (393.1–2) 35:9.1–2
    The System Sovereigns are ... well-nigh sovereign in the local affairs of the inhabited worlds. They are almost paternal in their direction of the Planetary Princes, the Material Sons, and the ministering spirits. ... These rulers are not supervised by Trinity observers from the central universe. They are the executive division of the local universe, and as custodians of the enforcement of legislative mandates and as executives for the application of judicial verdicts, they present the one place in all universe administration where personal disloyalty to the will of the Michael Son could most easily and readily intrench itself and seek to assert itself.
    Our local universe has been unfortunate in that over seven hundred Sons of the Lanonandek order have rebelled against the universe government, thus precipitating confusion in several systems and on numerous planets. ... only three were System Sovereigns; practically all ...belonged to the second and third orders, Planetary Princes and tertiary Lanonandeks. (393.5–6) 35:9.5–6 
    Come join us!

  • 01:14

    Hypnotherapy with Kelly

    in Spirituality

    In Kelly's words:"I have spent the past 20 years studying all I can about psychology, spirituality and self-development. I have learned many ways to manage my mind, emotions and nervous system with a combination of spiritual practices as well as with clinical, evidence-based techniques that are proven effective.
    As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, I have worked with thousands of clients over the past  12 years. Since I have been utilizing hypnotherapy in my mental health practice, I have witnessed incredible change that I was never able to facilitate through talk therapy alone. 
    I became Certified as a Hypnotherapist by the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2016 and have extensive clinical hypnosis training through the Minnesota Society of Clinical Hypnosis.  In total, I have 207 hours of education training in various hypnotherapy methods.
    I help people unlock and connect with their unconscious wisdom.  Hypnotherapy opens the mind to the higher dimensions of inner knowing. This increases self-awareness, self-manageability and self-compassion.  Hypnotherapy is different because it guides you through a process that leads you to finding and unlocking your own answers. Ultimately, your healing comes from within you, and you know this! If you struggle to access this place on your own, I can help!"

  • 01:18

    335: JESUS ROCKS LIVE - Connecting Current Events With The Truth Of God - Ep #1

    in Spirituality

    Prayer Group, Bible Study & Faith Gathering - Episode 1 - Get Your God On
    Strengthening Believers In The Truth We DON'T Know!
    JOIN US LIVE Every Wednesday @ 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET
    1 Hour to Learn, Pray, Worship, Meet Like-Minded People, Ask Questions & Sharpen Your Armor to WIN the Spiritual Battle between Good & Evil!
    The time is NOW to Unite, Pray & Put GOD First - The ONLY Strategy That Will Work!
    What we've been doing isn't working & isn't enough. What's missing is a return to our faith & God. The order of how we move forward it simple:
    Lucy DiGrazia, Worship Leader, Scripture Expert & Faith Advisor will Inspire, Motivate & Teach you the Tools to Get On the Battlefield to Save America & Yourselves!
    Join Our "Save My Freedom" Movement
    TEXT "ACTION" to 91776 & Let's Take Back America Together!
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