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When recurring negative feelings plague my conscious mind, I realize that I am being called to remember the Truth of my being. Every negative thought or feeling is a sign that we have turned our attention to false evidence appearing real. Each negative feeling is an invitation to change the angle of my point of view. It is not for me to wallow in the shadowy realm of negativity but to call myself to Divine Attention. Deliberately and intentionally, I call forth Love Intelligence to reveal the Truth that I had been missing; I call for Divine Insight. I call forth Divine Love to dissolve all thoughts and feelings at their false source and to use the Light of Eternal Truth to scour the places where the false thoughts began. This Inner Radiance of Truth – called LOVE -- is a powerful cleanser as it falls down into my subconscious mind. I activate this quality in Its fullness now, and the gentle yet thoroughly cleansing Light floods my heart and my mind, removing dark places in my thoughts and feelings. My entire outlook on life grows brighter and brighter in every moment. More and more I realize that challenging circumstances and encounters with negative people can be cleared instantaneously in the Light of the Universal Truth that the Spiritual  Man or the Spiritual WoMan is Perfect. In Spirit and in Truth we are all Perfect; we are the All-Encompassing The One’s unique expressions of ItSelf. In the One Mind, The Eternal One’s Idea of Itself as each of us is Perfect. Knowing this releases me from shame and blame. I realize that my True Nature is Love. I realize that the True Nature of everyone I meet is Love. The Divine Self arises in me as I contemplate this Truth. Now, the Light of my smile burns through the clouds as the Cosmic Sun of my Divine Self blazes in the High Noon of my soul. Pure Radiance of the Divine fills me to overflowing. Love sets me FREE.