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I turn inward and fan the spark of the Divine that is seeded in my soul, and the ember catches the wind of my prayerful breath. Light returns to my consciousness. The penetrating Light pierces the veil so I can see the Divine Design behind the appearance of chaos and disorder. My third eye becomes attuned to seeing beneath the surfaces of situations so that I perceive the cause, the purpose, and the promised good. My inner vision clears so that I can see the Masterplan which is always for our greatest Good. Then, I know that my prayer for peace and right action is already done. My prayer for wellbeing and prosperity is already done. I can see that my prayers for good are already done. The more I imagine the fulfillment of my prayers -- the more energy of YES that I put behind and within my imagined good -- the more likely it is to appear in my living area. Every vision I have heald in mind even for a moment is in existence. The ones that hold the greatest amount of energy become manifest in my life. The ones that are fueled by my imagination --by my thoughts AND feelings bloom into manifestation. To see my heart's desires in this manifest world, I have to hold the idea and image in my mind with great expectation and appreciation so that my feelings provide the fuel that gives energy to the fulfillment of the imagined thing.  When the energy within my imagine idea reaches the peak of my YES, the imagined thing takes shape and becomes real as my experience. If I imagine what I hate or fear, the energy of fear and hatred fuels the manifestation of those experiences. That is just how powerful I am. So, today I commit my heart to watching my thoughts and imagination. I set the intention to change from imagining fearful things to imagining and giving energy to the manifestation of Peace & Prosperity, Love & Fairness, Joyfulness & Wellbeing. I vow to use my imagination to create a world that works for everyone.