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Spiritual Activists


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I turn my attention away from the appearances of things in the manifest world. ?I lift my eyes to the hills? of my highest Consciousness where Light dwells. All of my thoughts, words, and actions resonate with the fullness of Divine... more

The Light of Divine Truth rids me of all shadow forms of false ideas generated by the world of narrow sensory perceptions. Today I open my heart to Divine Revelations of Truth and I speak aloud what is revealed in my soul: I am made... more

My meditation on Divine Light and Love activates a reflective shield around me that keeps me from absorbing any negativity or ill will directed at me by anyone. I envelope myself in a sphere of Divine Love that dissolves everything unlike... more

There is a Power here in my life that is GREATER THAN ANYTHING IN APPEARANCE IN THIS WORLD. This Power is the Great Singularity within and behind All-That-Is in Creation. IT is the One Power, One Presence, One Life,... more

When recurring negative feelings plague my conscious mind, I realize that I am being called to remember the Truth of my being. Every negative thought or feeling is a sign that I have turned my attention to false evidence appearing real.... more

Today, I remember that God is in the darkness and in the Light for there is nowhere and no time in which the Infinite is not present. Omnipresent Love – even when it seems to be hidden – is always present, awaiting... more

I turn inward and fan the spark of the Divine that is seeded in my soul, and the ember catches the wind of my prayerful breath. Light returns to my consciousness. The penetrating Light pierces the veil so I can see the Divine... more

The Passion to connect and create is refined by the Light in my Inner Being. Energy rises up from my Creative Source and radiates in every fiber of my being, rejuvenating and renewing my body and stimulating my mind. Enthusiasm for... more

I turn my attention away from the appearances of things in the manifest world. ?I lift my eyes to the hills? of my highest Conscious ness where Light dwells. I know that It is The Omnipresent Light that is my Source and my Substance. This... more

I lift my heart up into the All-and-ALL where everything is purified and reset to the Divine Perfection. All negativity in my consciousness and in my environment is eradicated—snuffed out completely. All false beliefs are wiped out by the... more