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Have you noticed all the well meaning saboteurs who are trying to give Trump a make over. He is down in the NBC polls. If he would only be more like Hitlery or Paul Rino or Match McConeel the flag burner He would get more votes. His friends at Univision, ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS, NPR, The WSJ, Times, Washington Post, USA today and the Daily nudes really want to root for him.Would you like another helping of BS? Everybody sing,  Don't change a Hair for us but can you wipe out Cair for us Stay el Trumpo Stay. Each day is El Trumpo's day.

If we elect Trump to flush the bureaucrat toilet, We have to sweep into office the people who will help him reach our goal. Every agency is loaded with extra sludge. Why does Chuck Schumer need 120 staffers? To vote to burn the flag and kill kids? We can get Al Queda to that for free. When did the IRS gestapo decide who lives and who dies.? Why does the State Department operate like a mini UN? No loyalty to us but good uranium deals for our enemies. 


Why do we allow the EPA, BLM and the murderers of Lavoy Finicum to take away farmer's lands and fisherman's rights and rancher's cattle? Why do we allow the media to sanitize the news and hide a government take over by the party of death? Who told us we can't pray and can only wear a muzzle MOMENT of silence. Who is teaching and lieing about our history as if the courses were structured in the Kremlin. Who is smuggling little children undocumented into the USA with out papers or parents. Where are they ending up?  When did Obama and the DOJ become NARCO gun runners and coyotes ?  Why did 10,000 Americans OD on heroin in 2014? Are drugs  communist chemical warfare? WHY DO WE ALLOW THE MEDIA TO HIDE THE TRUTH?