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Trump is the real revolution and solution to our problems. Trample his opposition because they are going to give us the same old shiite. Trump like Patton does not let the enemy pick the battlefield. His intel is better than his enemies. Don't Buy the wimp lie he is easily fooled by Putin. Trump is the master of the 30 second size up. He will not see Putin's soul but he will listen to what Putin has to say politely before he says GFY. He has Putin advisors on his staff who are pro Putin. Who better to learn from than the enemy. Obama Bin Lenin gave Putin a reset button. Together they reset Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq,Ukraine, Poland, Czechoslovokia, and the Balkans. What teamwork. Hanoi John Kerry gave his Chicom allies the south China sea, Pulled American protection from Japan, South Korea and sold out our Filipino blood brothers. Not one politician in DC will say the word communist.What did we have?  30 trapped and rescued in Benghazi by six brave American's. Four were left to die while Obama Bin Laden went to bed and Hitlery never took the 3:00 am phone call. But they and their lousy State Department in collusion with the Lynch mob at the DOJ covered up their betrayal of of every American who has fought to save this nation.


Whether you know it or not, every American is on the battlefield tonight. Trump leads the charge while being stabbed in the back by all networks including FIX NEWS. WHEN PAUL RINO RYAN GOES ON THE COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK CNN AND STABS TRUMP FOR THE BUSH WACKERS YOU KNOW THIS WARRIOR STANDS ALONE. 


The all inclusive mosaic party de la muerte has not one Ben Carson. Not one Italian like Chris Christie and Carly Fiorino, Not one Indian like Bobby Jindal, Not one Greek Like Pataki, Not two Latinos like Rubio and Cruz. Not one southerner like Huckabee.