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It was a toss up for a description. Was it Saturday Night Dead or just a skit? The Bolsheviks at NBC Nothing But Communists staged a make believe debate.. I felt so sorry for the people of color that they

seated to watch the Hilly Vanilly race dubbing. Come on guys you mean to tell me that of all the candidates in the party of death you could not find a black, a Latino, an oriental or an Eskimo? Give me a break. This great mosaic, all inclusive multi Cultural party could only find 3 white guys?


Meanwhile over at the racist party we gots two Latinos, one fantastic real African American with a great sense of humor and a laugh that makes us laugh. We have a Greek, an Indian from India, An Italian business woman an Irish- Italian Governor and a minister who survived The Clinton Nostra from Arkansas plus one rino who allowed the Clintonistas to ride into Miami and kidnap a Cuban kid for Castro. Yes time to pay the fiddler. Jeb Bush was governor when the Clinton’s sold Elian Gonzales and discounted the 30 pieces of silver. Do you know what the Cuban American community said about his cowardice. They said he swallowed his tongue.


At least Obama and Clinton lied about a video when they killed over 13 HOURS, Ty Hughes, Sean Smith, Glen Dougherty and the gun running ambassador.

Jeb did nothing. We will pass on Jeb.


The rino plan was to use Cruz to destroy Trump and then they would take Cruz out on a citizenship technicality and Voila it is Jeb the winner. Already they are pumping up Jebs numbers with media steroids. You don't think they are in cahoots with the demo commos to maintain control over the slaves?


El Trumpo should concentrate on destroying the Clintonistas and their phony presidential run.