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The Revelation of Jesus with Rick Sterling

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Rick Sterling

Rick Sterling


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Do you know of anyone that has told you that their only desire in this life is to believe lies as though they were truth? No? Me either! So why is it that in practice believing lies as though they were truth is an endemic condition of humanity across all walks of life, in all cultures and throughout all civilizations? Do you know of ANYONE that has NOT believed a lie and called it the truth? Have you?

Everyone that has ever lived on this earth, but one, has been deceived. If you say you have not been deceived then you certainly have been; and this is the point, that everyone except Jesus Christ Himself has been mislead by Satan into believing with all their hearts that they KNOW the truth. And as Christians they say this primarily because they believe with ALL THEIR HEARTS that the Bible IS the inspired, inerrant, incontestible and incorruptible WORD OF GOD from cover to cover. That very belief proves that they have been deceived by Satan into this believing that this is true. Think about it; what greater deception could there be than for Satan to provide a way for sincere, Bible believing Christian to think that because there is a Bible, and THAT Bible came directly from the mouth of God, and every word in it is God breathed, and that surely a loving God would never allow anyone that believed this to be deceived.

But that is exactly what happened; and because this happened the entire Christian church, and indeed EVERY church denomination that exists in the world, is unwitingly participating in the greatest deception that has ever happened. The purpose of Spirit of Truth Ministry is to warn those that ALREADY love the truth that they need to reassess EVERYTHING what they now believe to be true, and how they believe it. If you are honest with yourself you will know that it is the truth that EVERYONE has been deceived, including you.