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Rick Sterling

Spirit of Truth/The Bible on Trial


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Spirit of Truth Ministry offers two programs each week that test the limits of Christian theology and thought. The flagship program is The Bible on Trial which tests Christianity by using the words and teachings of Jesus Christ as our template. Our other program called Spirit of Truth investigates Truth by integrating Scripture, Bible prophecy, history and the sciences to find and define Truth wherever it may be found. Join us for an uninhibited search for the truth.

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Melting Pot~ There are a variety of uses for a melting pot, otherwise know as a crucible. In olden days when candles were the primary source for light in a house, used candles were put in a melting pot so that the left over wax could be melted... more

The Past is Past~ One of my passions when I was a young(ish) man was golf. And though I no longer play the game (for a variety of reasons) I still loosely follow the game on TV when I can. I was reminded this morning of an old... more

Practice Makes Perfect~ Have you heard the expression "Practice makes perfect"? If you have taken music lessons in any instrument or voice, or lessons in any sport that requires finely tuned motor skills, then you have certainly... more

Tsumani~ On coastal plains or islands tsunami's can occur after a strong earthquake. During an earthquake the sea bed is lifted, then it drops back down, and the resulting motion affects the water above it such than it creates a... more

Choose Life~ Daniel Daly, a double MOH (Medal of Honor) winner, was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army that fought in the battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. Just before he and his men charged a German gun emplacement he is... more

Indoctrination~ In 1959 a very controvercial book was published that was titled "The Manchurian Candidate, by Rickhard Condon. It is a political thriller about the soldier son of a prominent U.S. political family that is captured by the Chinese in... more

"Style"~ A friend of mine posted an interesting video today on Face Book, that showed BB King explaining where his 'style' came from. He cited 3 players that he thought had a unique sound, and tried to incorporate their sound into his playing... more

Treason~ In case you missed it, January 28, 2020, FBI Agents arrested Dr. Charles Lieber, chairman of Harvard University's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, wio was accused by the Department of Defense of taking... more

Lies Become Truth?~ The President of the United States has been accused of Impeachable Offenses by his political opponents. These opponents have stated over and over that Donald J. Trump has used the office of the President to try to... more