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Rick Sterling

Spirit of Truth/The Bible on Trial


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Spirit of Truth Ministry offers two programs each week that test the limits of Christian theology and thought. The flagship program is The Bible on Trial which tests Christianity by using the words and teachings of Jesus Christ as our template. Our other program called Spirit of Truth investigates Truth by integrating Scripture, Bible prophecy, history and the sciences to find and define Truth wherever it may be found. Join us for an uninhibited search for the truth.

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It appears that in comparing what the Christian church teaches as an aggrigate (noting fairly minor differences between denominations) is unrecognizable as truth when compared to what Jesus taught His own disciples while here on earth.... more

It is amazing to me how many Christmas songs involve timing. Think of it . . ."Santa Claus is coming to town" . . . "T'is the season to be jolly, Fa La La" . . . "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" . . . "Come they told me,... more

We have entered the 'Christmas Season'; the time of year that is a picture of contradictions. You hear the songs of the season on the radio, and wonder, "When will this Christmas spirit hit me?" There is the stress of preparing for the... more

Was Israel a rightous nation when God finally took them into the 'Promised Land"? Was the land into which they were to enter made clean by God so that His rightous Kingdom could enter? The answer may surprise you, because God had... more

You have certainly heard the expression that goes something like, "I will let NOTHING stop me." We take this to mean that we won't let anything desuade us from our goals. This is a noble sentiment. And yet, almost everyone has literally... more

Continuation from earlier

Today the Bible On Trial will be presenting a 'Best Of' show from October 21, 2017 where Rick shares the idea that the thing that we have named 'the heart' is in reality the INTELLECT, and how this dramatically affect how we need... more

What do corn husks, nut shells, avocado and banana peels, egg shells, chalf from wheat (et al) all have in common? All of these things are packaging material that protects what is inside from harm as it grows, until that plant has matured,... more

November 17, 2017 What do you do when you don't know what to do? Let's imagine that you have been asked to cook a turkey for the family Thanksgiving dinner, but you have never cooked a turkey in your life, and you don't know the... more