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Smalley Marriage Radio is like having your own personal relationship expert wherever you go - and for free! A Marriage and Family expert and International Speaker of over 20 years, Dr. Smalley has been inspiring great relationships through proven strategies for years. Smalley Marriage Radio is the result of his work through the Smalley Institute. If you want to learn how to resolve conflict, better communicate, and actually increase the intimacy in your most important relationships...then this is the show for you! Discover how to get along and argue well, which will restore the hope and satisfaction back to your relationship.

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For those loyal listeners, you may have noticed a new intro song…and you’d be correct! It’s the John Sherrill Band and their new song Magnificent. Make sure and stay on for the end of our podcast today because you’ll get to listen to the entire... more

Today we’ve got world renowned marriage expert and researcher Dr. Scott Stanley, who also happens to be the guy who saved my own marriage! That’s right, 6 months into my miserable marriage I was at a crossroads…I felt... more

A listener of the show recently submitted the question, “I have just uncovered my husband’s secret infidelity and what I believe to be a sexual addiction. How do I get past this pain?” This is one of the hardest things to recover from... more

I’ve been on a rant lately preaching around the country at both small and large churches. My message isn’t an easy one to hear, which is always a nice surprise for many of the pastors who’ve invited me to preach at their church. The... more

In this political season we thought it might be helpful to offer some advice on how to talk with your kids about the election, especially one that is so intense and divisive. And we’ll give you our thoughts on who we are going to vote for…yeah,... more

Today we are addressing a serious issue for some relationships, abuse. Emotional and physical abuse is an issue that must be dealt with immediately. One of our listeners asked the question, “Can marriages reconcile where there... more

Sometimes a couple needs to have an important conversation about a sensitive subject. Like the time my own wife had to share with me her feelings that every message I gave her didn’t need to end in sex. So how was she able to share... more

No one gets married to be miserable, yet, the divorce rate is still high, and even those folks who are married…only half report being satisfied. Today we are going to give you something a little bit out of the box to help your... more

What if I told you there was one thing you could do to virtually guarantee the success of your relationship? Would you believe me? You’d better, because I’ve got a very special guest on today’s show that will help you do this one... more

You’ve possibly heard that you’re suppose to turn the other cheek when someone hurts you. Jesus said it, which means we have to do it…but what does it really mean to turn the other cheek? It’s one of the more difficult things I’ve tried to... more