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new and old music will discuss issues early morning and play variety of music daily.

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why are so many people so hateful and envious.....is it because of the economy? have we become conditioned to hate each other? where do we go from here?

will discuss the new atmospere on the anniversary of this tragic event....how has this event changed the country? have we forgotten? watz next?

with so many divorces and so many people cheating on their spouses as well as living outside of the home of spouse why should we get married? after 40 wat would be a viable reason for getting married?

will have a candid in depth interview with ex houston astro pitcher JR Richard..will talk about the days leading up to his stroke.....how he feels he was denied becoming the first pitcher to become the first million dollar athlete....and... more

should the church play a role in solving some of the problems such as crime in the neighborhood? wat should there position b on the topic of the death penalty? huh! interesting!

should unmarried indviduals b eligable for foodstamps and other social assistance programs and also individuals who fail to work for at least 200 hrs and can prove it? if u havent made a willingful and meaningufl contribution to society!

this will be a one on one interview with my facebook friend Margaret Thomas...she is very interesting and inspiring ..the author of 10 books....she is a very outgoing social person that post some real inspiring quotations and... more

will examine the trend with so many women having babies out of wedlock....and the child support laws....is child support realistic? should it be a decision or entitlement for married couples? would creating this law promote both parties... more

the church being the innitiator of moral law...wat side and position take on the issue of same sex marriage...the popular position or the moral position?
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