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HWUNET Dawid Yacob Maccabeus

Signs and Wonders


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The Broadcast is called Signs and Wonders an eye opening and deprogramming broadcast that came right on time. Listen to the broadcast called " Introduction, who am I?" for more information created on August 1 2010. Thank you for your interest, I hope you Listen, Deprogram, Regain your Power, Resisit and Join the Victory. All Praise AHYAH, YAHUAH our YAH.

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Lets start with the European slave trade during the time frame of 1619 when the first African seed was enslaved in North America that was stolen from the Slave Coast of West Africa this was exactly 400 years ago. First I want to explain to... more

Bless this message O my AHYAH and open the ears of those that need to receive it. There are many confused listeners AHYAH and I ask that I do not add into this confusion. As stated in the book of Daniel: ? And I heard, but I understood not:... more

The Purge became the Pause, March 20th, 2019 Count Down and the Trump Card. Sit back and let's explore the true threat of our democracy. Learn why the election of Donald Trump signals the end of the Parasite. You can download the... more

On this broadcast I will speak a message about the State Of the Black Union, March 2nd 2018. The end of the Parastic Elite class. The effect of the 1948 State of Israel deception.

The Report - March 12th - Steve Cokely Turning Point Audio Recording. This broadcast is held on March 12th 2017 which is the true time of the year begining.

This broadcast is called The Report - The rise of the Fallen! So, how do I begin? First I have to explain who the fallen are, are the fallen the Hebrews of the seed of Yacob? The Hebrews of the seed of Esau? The Jews of the seed... more

The Deception or the Truth? Passing the Baton to the next generation 1944 to 2016 what does this mean? The Root to the present, when did this start and what families are in control. The Root of the Fallen Ones, where are the fallen... more

135 Days to go and Counting, short analysis on the end of the 1944 so called Elite Class generation.This broadcast speaks on the elections of Doanld Trump and backlash of Hilary Clintons demonic religion.

Welcome brothers and sisters, my name is Dawid Yacob Maccabeus, also known as Plahu Yacob Zakkiyah, today's broadcast is called 1944-2016 and 249 Days to go. You are listening to Signs and Wonders the broadcast that came Right On.
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