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You're here because you know something. What you know, you can't explain; you can just feel it - something's wrong with the world. It could be the scorched, flooded earth of climate change, the greenhouse sky, or sea life strangled by pollutants, that can't be hidden from you any more. Nor can the hyper-growth economy that spewed it all. It now stalks the landscape, an undead, non-living corporate "person", eating away the jobs and money that once ate our brains, a zombie searching the ruins of our world for another jugular vein of oil. You don't have to take the Red Pill to see it. The voices on our ShiftShapers podcast will tear away the veils that the world of empire has pulled over your eyes, so you can navigate the desert of the real. We've interviewed authors and experts in the fields of climate, energy resources, psychology and human rights, and posted them for you. In our blog, we let you know where we see the glitches in the matrix. We didn't come here to tell you how this is going to end. But our interviews and blog postings can give you some clues. Step over the threshold. Welcome to the ShiftShapers tribe.

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Marcos Arruda has defined for everyone what it is to be a Peaceful Warrior. In 1970, the young Brazilian student spoke out against the injustice. He knew the dangers; he was arrested, imprisoned and tortured. His mother, Lina Penna... more

You'll hear about all of it in this interview. About the things we're doing to our living habitat on Earth. By the way, "habitat" doesn't mean "mall." Doesn't mean WalMart either And that big screen TV? That's not it, the stuff on it isn't even... more

Somewhere in New Mexico is a professor of environmental science who decided the best thing to do about climate degradation is to leave his post and help people transition away from industrial civilization. Somewhere in New Mexico is a... more

Is it any wonder that a futurist and designer would set about designing the future? Dr. Jaques Fresco has invented and designed hundreds of new products and structures, for a range of medical, cinema, construction, and aerospace... more

Question: What is the maximum concentration of carbon dioxide that can be in the Earth's atmosphere before it starts to unleash drastic changes to the planet's temperatures and climate? If you said 350 parts per million (the answer... more

El cambio climático está afectando a América Latina causando grandes inundaciones en Colombia, sequías en México y la desaparición de las nieves de los andes. Aunque El cambio... more

A lot of people think you're weird or radical if you look at the world of climate events and economic shock around us and see imminent collapse. Others think you're a negative buzz-kill, in need of some positive thinking, but not on... more

First it was spy cameras, then it was unmanned planes with cameras. Now the spy camera flying over Pakistan can shoot, or blow to bits, anyone the computer selects. Could be a terrorist, could be a wedding party – oops! Collateral... more

Michael Ruppert has warned us before. He's warning us again now. In his first book, Crossing the Rubicon (2004), he called out the arrival of Peak Oil and the violent chicanery of global governments (including 9/11 and the Iraq invasion) to... more

Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, has a simple message: War is hell on earth, and in the heavens. In this 26-minute interview with Co-host Daniel Kerbein, Gagnon exposes... more
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