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Shes Raising The Bar

She's Raising The Bar


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Kicking off Women’s History Month, the popular internet radio show the Bridal Body Shop will become She’s Raising the Bar. The redesigned program will expand on the core of women’s empowerment heard in the original, a show primarily focused on the fitness of brides-to-be. She’s Raising the Bar will present a wider forum for women’s sense of self, strength and standing, through perspectives physical, emotional and socio-political. Co-hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman will engage an array of guests, both female and male, on pertinent topics that fuse the strengthening of the body to that of the mind.Whereas the original show featured health and fitness tips and interviews with professionals of both the bridal and fitness industries, it also engaged in topical and often humorous discussion. She’s Raising the Bar, however, will push the agenda of women’s empowerment to front and center. “Much of this will still concern physical fitness”, Towers stresses, “Because strength of body and mind are thoroughly inter-connected. But we now have a forum well beyond issues of brides and wedding prep anxiety. She’s Raising the Bar speaks to the shattering of the glass ceiling women have always been confronted with”. However the humorous exchanges between the co- hosts will still be as much a part of this show as before.

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