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Shattering The Matrix

Shattering The Matrix


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Host Ari Kopel is assisting to birth the New Golden Era by Shattering the Matrix and bringing the Spiritual Community into Alignment, as we all "step" into our Divine Power and Authority in unison!

On-Demand Episodes

Ari addresses making a difference every day and what we need to to in order to be effective in what we do. She goes into how Creation is effortless, yet many of us are attached to the outcome, which then blocks the flow of Creation. She... more

Ari speaks about the infiltration of the dark forces that have created a hypnosis within the light forces and that has compromised our effectiveness. Many spiritual leaders and teachers are disseminating information that ultimately create a false... more

Jeanice Barcelo will speak about how trauma is inflicted on infants during the birth process at hospitals, and that this trauma is deliberate and part of an evil agenda to compromise humanity. This interview delves into a topic that is... more

Ari discusses Light and Darkness, giving examples of aspects of each and the qualities of each in humanity. The definition of "Work" in the term "Light Worker" is defined and given a more positive and empowering definition. A powerful... more

Eve Lorgen & James Bartley pair up for an Amazing in-depth episode on MILABS & Super Soldiers. They address: Avatars, Hybrids, Clones, Sleep Talking, Time Travel, Super Soldiers, MK Ultra, Stargates & Portals, Alternate Realities, Black... more

Ari will speak about the escalation of events that are being discussed in alternative media like Planet X, Comet Ison, Fukushima and Military Drills and why it is necessary we are aware of this "chatter". The information is being... more

Tune-in at 6pm PST/9pm EST, Saturday, August 17th! Jay Weidner joins us on ?Shattering The Matrix?. He speaks about Stanley Kubrick's involvement in creating the ?Faked? Moon Landings. He then puts on his ?hat? of modern-day... more

Ari Kopel addresses how the spiritual community has been compromised and infiltrated via the same forces that are trying to eradicate life on the planet. The different behaviors expressed by some in these spiritual communities are... more

Ari was asked to communicate this message from our Ultraterrestrial brothers and sisters from their ships of Light. This message is addressing the possible arrival of our binary sun also known as a Brown Dwarf. This is NOT our regular... more

James Bartley is going to go deeper into the reptilian aspect of alien abductions. For far too long, the big name alien abduction researchers have focused almost exclusively on the entities known as "the Greys" and it has left a huge void in... more
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