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    Episode 18: HentaiLive, NexoCams SnapYOU App, iWantEmpire and Crypto/VR

    in Sexuality

    Table Of Contents:
    2:48 - HentaiLive on Chaturbate 12:50 iWantEmpire / RedBUX / vrXcity 23:02 - NexoCams Mobile App CamYOU 50:35 - Katy Beginner Domme Tips 1:04:55 - CEI Tutorial / Tips 1:09:17 - AmateurCommunity Invites Adult Twitch Gamers 1:14:50 - 2018 Phoenix Forum Information 1:18:50 - Streamate March Madness Contest 1:23:13 - CAM4 Sexy Bunny Contest 1:29:50 Clips4Sale Announces Easter Promotion 1:32:22 ImLive Announces Candy Shows 1:45:35 Clips4Sale Launches A YouTube Channel 1:46:44 New ModelCentro Feature: Email Updates

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    Female and Male Erogenous Zones

    in Sexuality

    Women: What if we told you; that famous G Spot isnt the only orgasmic spot in a woman's body. Would you believe us; if we told you there are FOUR places that excites her?
    We will be covering all those orgasmic spots in a women and detailing exactly where they are found inside her Yoni!
    Men: What if we told you; a woman isnt the only one with that famous Goddess Spot (G). You all have one as well. And so many may find this is a spot they could just as well not know about; all we can say is, "If you knew better, you do better!" Would you believe us if we told you men have about EIGHT orgasmic spots that excites him? And men actually think women are more complicatied than them and women only have FOUR simple spots!!!!
    We will be covering all those orgasmis spots on a man and also detailing where they are found! 
    Get your glass of wine, notepad and tune in. We love engaging with our listeners. So dont forget; you would need to call in to ask us a question. You can do this from you mobile or landline. 
    Mark you calendars and tune in for some sexful fun!
    Sexful Wishes,
    S' Lasha

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    Age Difference in Couples

    in Sexuality

    Age Differences in Couples: How much is influenced by our culture?? What do statistics tell us? This and much more during our show, this Friday 9:00pm

  • 00:31

    Faith 4 Family: Sex in Context Pt.1: The Pace of Your Race (Relating 101)

    in Sexuality

    FAIITH 4 FAMILY is Bringing the Family into Kingdom Lifestyle through God's Word in Power and Demonstration. Promoting Healing & Deliverance. Family is a Gift of God to get to us a perpetual blessing.
    In This Series: About That Life (Family)! We will tackle real topics that are enemies to the Family. It is no secret when we look in our cultures that The Family is under attack! We'v e been speaking into the lives of the men for weeks, and now the gears are changing and we will be pouring into the women.
    CURRENT TOPIC: Sex in Context Pt.1: The Pace of Your Race (Relating 101)
    Join Us for  biblical truth/reality that will return us back to true family prosperity and successful family life. In this broadcast, We will share foundational principles for family. On this and other broadcasts we intend to shed light on God's Expectation for family beginning with your call to singleness all the way to the mandate of marriage.
    Faith 4 Family is dedicated to breaking the strongholds which are keeping the Family out of the Promised Place, the Covenant Place... God created family and there is Great VALUE in all that he has created.
    He Declared in the beginning, after all He Created, "and it was good".
    Tonight Lift Your Expectation for receiving a Strong Prophetic Word, Expository and Revelational Teaching. That will release FAITH 4  your FAMILY...

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    Self Love and Sexuality

    in Sexuality

    Self Love and Sexuality
    Loving the self is a challenging process, only some of us have tapped into this. Understanding how to have that relationship to your own feelings. Clearing the emotional space so that an awarness is born. So that you are born.  

  • 01:59

    Erotic Taboo Sensual Touch

    in Sexuality

    Joining me will be Kecia Johnson to discuss her book "Dying to be Diva" and living with full blown AIDS. I am excited to have this beautiful spirit with us, and she will dispel some myths that we may have about the illness.

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    The introduction - How it started

    in Sexuality

    This an introduction to the show and an introduction to SoBe Jones along with the story of my first time 

  • 00:44

    How to use Tantra to have better relationships with ourselves & others

    in Sexuality

    First off, what the heck is Tantra?  Maybe they spelled it wrong and they meant "mantra"?  Alas, I have found out they are not the same yet in Tantra they can utilize mantras!
    So instead of us playing guessing games, I've brought on Guest Speaker Aghora Fabrice, to help us out.  He will break down for listeners what the basics are, how it's beneficial in having better relationships with ourselves and others, along with key tips to consider when looking for a Tantra practitioner/mentor.  Plus, how practicing Tantra contributes to our health.
    Aghora Fabrice is a Yoga Teacher (both Tantric & Hatha) along with being a Tantric Massage Practitioner; and is also the Founder & Certified Expert Life Coach at "The Lover in You"...where he focuses on helping men find their purpose in life along with how they can use their sexuality to discover their full potential and experience deep, fulfilling, long-lasting relationships.
    To learn more or to work with Aghora, please visit his website at:

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    Random Facts

    in Sexuality

    looking for random facts call in lets here those facts

  • 01:00

    Controversies w/ Cash

    in Sexuality

    Join us we discuss some Controversial topics w/ Ms Controversy herself CASH! This show discusses a wide range of topics so we're sure that there will be a topic to suite you.

  • 00:59

    Surviving Childhood Sexual Abuse

    in Sexuality

    Queen Kirkwood-Hatchett describes what it means to live in fear in torment from past memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA). But she also knows what it means to survive and flourish after healing. As she reaches out to those who are still hurting and in need of healing, she encourages them to trust in God and know that they are not alone. The speaker will take you on a walk down her road of healing, deliverance, and freedom from a life that was once filled with torment, hurt, and pain