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    Role of Higher Education, Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick, St. Thomas Aquinas College

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    Dr. Margaret Fitzpatrick is a dedicated educator and visionary who has devoted her career to improving the educational system to keep pace with rapidly changing times. As president of St. Thomas Aquinas College, she leads the institution in strategic planning and assessment, and advancing institutional internal and external relations.
    Dr. Fitzpatrick came to the Sparkill campus in 1995, from St. John's University, where she served as Senior Vice President. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Boston State College, her Master of Arts Degree from Fordham University, and her Master of Education and Doctor of Education Degrees from Columbia University.
    Her dedication to community and educational development is evidenced by her board level involvement in several organizations, including serving on the Board of Directors for Ridgewood Savings Bank and serving as a Trustee for DePaul and St. John’s Universities. Visit www.stac.edu.
    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating & follow us on Twitter.  Visit our website at www.americameditating.org.  Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android 

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    After a catastrophic car accident, Joe Pinella was diagnosed quadriplegic… and told by doctors that he would never walk again. But, against all odds, Joe Pinella used the ancient Chinese healing techniques of Qi Gong and Tai Chi Kung to relieve his pain, regain his strength… and train his body to move again!
    This test came in 1991 when his car plunged 200 feet down a mountainside and he landed on his head. ?His doctors saved his life. They completely removed two shattered vertebrae and four disks. Every other disc in his spine was ruptured. They inserted metal plates in his neck and told him that he was a quadriplegic.
    Joe started doing Qigong exercises in his mind for many months until gradually his body started to respond. Over the course of seven years, he regained full use of his body with no pain and no limitations. Today he teaches others how to move freely without pain.

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    Lunar Eclipse Global Activations

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    Join Quantum Healer, Meg Benedicte and Co-Host, Manette Mays with Starseeds and Light Bearers all around the world for the Lunar Eclipse Global Activations.

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    3 Mistakes People Make in Fluid Relationships

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    Wide Awakening Radio with Jennifer Hough
    Topic: 3 Mistakes People Make in Fluid Relationships  
    Like myself and many others,  you may have been feeling that Humanity is awakening to a new kind of love that is available. This kind of love begs us to become who we really are and you will notice that life and love can get really messed up when we act from our identities and fears.
    In order to get some clarity and understanding on the 3 biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to fluid relationships, we’ll be answering these 3 questions:
    How do you live and love fully without allowing anything in the way?  
    How do you stop internalizing the perceptions of others?   
    What is the multi-dimensional perspective on love?
    Join Jennifer for this powerful conversation about returning to love. We can't wait to hear your comments, and questions during the show!
    The Wide Awakening is a show all about remembering who you are, waking up to your unlimitedness, and creating Heaven on Earth by starting with your life. If you are ready for ease, flow, joy and connection...and to hear some of the most forward thinking teachers and inspirers of our time then it is time to come to Wide Awakening Radio. For more radio show information, sign up for our show reminders at http://www.thewideawakening.com/radio

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    Yoga Meditations, Numerology, Speaking with Angels, Channeling and Soul Journey

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    Joining Clinical Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis are four teachers who will be teaching tools that help people travel Out-of-Body, Astral Project, Remote View, or Shamanically Journey at the Soul Journey Festival on November 21, 2015 (Pre-Registration is only $35, through drcarolfrancis.com - send message).   Frances Pullin, Channeler and author, discusses how to connect with spirit guides to receive helpful answers to life's questions and can be contacted through angels.healing.hearts.com.  Through drumming and healing tuning sounds, Debbie Durrough grounds individuals, activates chakras, and releases the non-self. She can reached at yourspirithelpers.com.  Gera Farkas explores working with Angels via communication and healings, available at gera@dolphinwatershealing.com.  Dr. Leslie Davis, Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, discusses Gentle Yoga and Reiki healing energy and can be contacted at drlesliedavis.com.  At the Soul Journey Festival on November 21, 2015, Dr. Carol Francis introduces 33 exercises about Astral Projection, Remote Viewing, Shamanic Journeying.   Pre-Registration of $35.00 at drcarolfrancis.com-send message  for several free MP3s, Videos and Written materials sent prior to the Workshop.  

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    Ras Ben- The Mandela Effect/Baba Ibo Changa- Herbal Sex Tonics for Men/Women

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    Tonight's guests bring a wide spectrum of crystal knowledge and herbal wisdom. First hour is our brother Ras Ben. Teacher, lecturer, workshop facilitator and supplier of top grade gems and crystals. His book, "Rocks of Ages" is a must have, must read for all serious crystal healers.
    Next is Baba Ibo Changa. He started as a health conscious vegetarian in 1970 and eventually created several Supreme Creations: (1)  Greens/Beans/Vegetables—GUMBO Vegan Meal, (2) Vegetables Vegan Stir-Fry,  (3) Carrot Tuna Vegetarian Meal,  (4) Soy-Chicken Tuna Meal,  (5) Three Greens Vegetables-Plus Meal, (6) Vegan Salad and Dressing (7) Potent Herbal Cooking Spices,   (8) Fruit Go-Juice, (9) Fruit Smoothieee,   (10) Ginseng&Guarana Roots 50+ Herbal Elixir & Tonic,  (11) Green Spirulina&Chlorella  Plus-12-Herb Elixir,  (12) African Tree-Baobab and Moringa Tonic, (13) Capsuled Powerful Herbs Mix,  (14) Blended Vegetable Juice, (15)   Skin Lotion Mix,  (16) Spiritual Anointing&Amulet Oil Mix.  Ran marathon the Boston Marathon-1982 and many other foot races and I rode my pedal bike two times (1975 & 1980) in the Philadelphia to Atlantic City, and rode a mountain bike to work for 15 years—up and down Broad Street  in the boiling heat (110° - High Humidity), pouring rain, thunderstorms, freezing cold (-10° - Wind Chill) and all in between  (no snow or ice, of course)--and never got sick. 
    He is a respected and valued volunteer associate at the Dr. Molefi Asante Afrocentric Institute and an esteemed volunteer member of the Dr. Ama Mazama Afrocentricity International Organization.  Authored several articles in Dr. Asante and Dr. Mazama’s Encyclopedia of Black Studies and African Religion.  Also,  consultant and writer with Dr. Ama Mazama and Dr. Molefi Asante’s educational project articles.

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    The Truth About Being Single w/ Guest - Kemi Sogunle

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    #TNT 080: Many singles in their ferocious pursuit of love and happiness, end up looking for love in the wrong places. Today's Guest began her journey to becoming a life and relationship coach after her separation and a painful divorce, which led her to soul-searching. And through discovering herself and healing from her past, Her mission in life is to support single men and women who are ready, to find who they are after a broken relationship or divorce, heal from their painful past experiences, learn to love themselves and develop positive and healthier relationship habits. .
    Join The Queen of Expression - Alex Okoroji LIVE on Friday Radio Special, 28 October 2016 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm WAT | 11pm CAT | 2pm PST | 4pm CT | 5pm EST | as she chats in an unfiltered conversation with Multi-Award Winning Author, International Speaker, Relationship Coach & Founder of "Love Not Hurt" - KEMI SOGUNLE live from Maryland, USA, as we explore how to to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to be single and live a purposeful life.
    Feel free to Join the Conversation. Call In LIVE via +1 (215) 383-3766 and press "1" to speak.
    Today's Show Is Sponsored by THE NAKED BLISS ACADEMY.

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    This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

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    Our guest is Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind: Control Alcohol

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    What is happening to our Reality and our Planet

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    Dr Rev Druanna Johnston talks about the current trends on what is happening with our planet, our current reality and how everything will be revealed very soon. Her experience living in the yucatan and why she keeps coming back here. The emerald Tablet, the crystal skulls, The coneshape heads, The  sacred Temple they are creating here as well. go to illuminatingmindssociety.com or sanctuaryofhathor.com

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    the Hebrews to Negroes show

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    Dispelling the myth about Esau and the Edomites being White.

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    "Let's Play" Being Playful with ADHD

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    Please join me this coming Sunday August 28 2016, 4:00PST as I welcome Dr. Kirsten Milliken to the show. ADHD is a serious problem, but your approach to it doesn't have to be. Dr Milliken focuses on how developing a more playful mindset and habit of engaging in playful activities can actually help you to manage your ADHD. After a lifetime of being urged to stop goofing off and to take things more seriously, Dr. Milliken is telling you that play is what you need to better manage your dificulties with attention. Dr. Kirsten Milliken is a dynamic and unique clinical psychologist who lives and works in the Portland Maine area. Yes, she has ADHD! Kirsten has used her insight and knowledge of ADHD to develop her playful style as well as her companies, ADHD Executive coaching and PlayDHD. Kirsten espouses that Play is the best non medication intervention for people with ADHD. While Kirsten works with all age ranges, she focuses on working primarily with adults in her practice. Kirsten earned her degrees and training from SUNY Stony Brook, Alliant University, and ADDCA. She is an ICF certified Coach and is trained as an ADHD Career Services Specialty Coach.

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