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  • Hope City Prayer Call 179

    in Motivation

    Welcome to Hope City Radio. Let's rejoice for our next level of spiritual growth. We will pray, worship and exalt God together. Log on at Blogtalkradio.com/HopeCity or call 319-527-6740.

  • Weaning Yourself Off Of Them. Daily Gogetemism #225

    in Self Help

    Have you ever had to wean yourself off of something or someone? What does weaning yourself off of someone mean to you? For some, it means trying to fight off the effects of being in love with someone, but it can mean that you are trying to kick the habit of doing something also.
    Weaning yourself off of cigarettes. Weaning yourself off of drugs. Weaning yourself off of food. Weaning yourself off of gambling. Weaning yourself off of toxic people.
    There are a lot of things that you could be weaning yourself off of. Does it work though? Can you slowly back yourself off of something that you are used to doing? Is going cold turkey a better option? Yes, no, maybe?

  • MorningMOTIVATION with Rawsi: LIVE!

    in Motivation

    Don't miss the  powerful #MorningMOTIVATION broadcast M-F at 6:30AMEST; it Starts Your Day off RIGHT with #HOT breakfast for Your SOUL!! We tackle a New Topic; Pray; AND assign you a New Task for completion each day!  Call In at 323-870-4180 to join Evangelist Rawsi Williams #LIVE.  Set Your Alarms Now.
    And you can learn more about Evangelist Rawsi Williams and hear prior #MorningMOTIVATION broadcasts that you missed at FeelDFIre.com!  See you for breakfast!

  • Wisdom and Wealth

    in Self Help


  • Toxic Handlers-Being the One Person to Shoulder It All

    in Motivation

    Toxic handlers, individuals in these roles frequently experience unsustainable high levels of stress and strain, which affect their physical health and career paths and often mean they have a diminished capacity to help others in the long run — a side effect that is most troubling for handlers, because they keep the team together. 
    Join Doreen Guma, Life Coach, and Rebecca Norrington, Happiness Specialist, as we discuss this interesting topic. 
    Call in and join our discussion!  646-200-0848 to discuss Work Life Balance Week!
    During Empower Half Hour we'll talk about proactive things each of us can easily do to make every day better.  We'll motivate and empower ourselves and each other. The whole idea in this podcast is people helping people and collaboration equals success. We're all in this together!
    Empower Half Hour is made possible our sponsors -- see special offers from our donors and more information at www.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org
    Time to Play Foundation, Inc., a not for profit 501c3 corporation with the mission and purpose to enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life. See ways to create "LIFE BALANCE" at www.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org

  • EPS 175: Experiencing Lucid dreaming and astral projection on demand…LIVE

    in Motivation

    EPS 175: Experiencing Lucid dreaming and astral projection on demand…LIVE
    Michael Monk is a self-taught healer and energy master. After many unexplainable miraculous happenings in his life he isolated himself from 2008-2011 to study, pray and meditate in order to understand the mechanisms behind what he experienced. This led him to his understanding of energy mastery and the founding of the Avatar Energy Mastery Institute where he offers online healing and teaching of all that he knows www.avatarenergymaster.com

  • Carolyn Colling: Core Beliefs and Paradigms

    in Goals

    Are you ready to finally conquer your stumbling blocks and stop failing? It's time to rescript your life and embrace your success! 
    Carolyn Colling is a Mindset Coach and Personal Development Strategist. She mentors women in their personal lives and business, helping them understand their own paradigms and unique blueprint. With a better understanding of individual blocks, core beliefs, and their restrictions, it’s possible to rescript their belief system to embrace the success they rightly deserve.
    After the loss of both her parents at a young age, and then dealing with a difficult divorce in 2007, Carolyn was desperate to take control and responsibility for her life . She hired a Life Coach and immersed herself in mindset work. She learned how to make conscious decisions rather than being reactive to all that was surrounding her. Carolyn learned about her own specific paradigm and how to lift the veil of distorted perceptions. Through her own self study, Carolyn found her passion and life’s purpose and now teaches others to do the same.
    Join Dr Jo Anne White, author and host of Power Your Life and Carolyn Colling and discover your own paradigm and find your passion and happiness. 

  • Transform your Life...Credit & Business with all that you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN

    in Self Help

    Life, Credit Report, and Business!
    Join this Credit & Business Development Tele-seminar!
    Establish, Repair, and/or Enhance your PERSONAL and BUSINESS CREDIT!  Bring your VISION of a business to fruition successfully! Gain resources to get funding for your NEW BUSINESS within as little as 30 days REGARDLESS of business tenure!  Learn what it takes to build a SUCCESSFUL turn-key business and More!
    NOTE: BONUS TIPS on Real Estate INVESTING...
    Visit BG on-line at http://bountifulgroup.com and/or 
    CALL our Continuing Ed Division @ 313-757-0348 for more info and/or to register for the Fall Semester!
     (NOTE: All Semester Discounts EXTENDED to Wednesday, May 1st)

  • Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson's GROWCON™ Interview Series: Marina Angelica Coryat

    in Self Help

    My friend, Dr. Daphne Clarke-Hudson, Ph.D., just published a new discounted Registration to the one-day LIVE EVENT called GROWCON™ Experience, created to help Entrepreneurs & Women Business Owners 25-60 Years Old just like you who want to grow their BUSINESS and gain revenue increase, by Getting higher-paying clients, and now see themselves as experts in their industry.
    It also reveals how every Emerging Women Entrepreneurs can understand NO! More burnout and they will enjoy an improved lifestyle. In fact, here's just a sample of how attending will help you: * increase your profits with confidence.
    * establish your Credibility as an Expert in your field.
    * take advantage of Joint Venture and Collaborations options.
    * understand what it takes to increase your profits easily and confidently.
    * avoiding failure in their business completely. And much, MUCH More!
    Marina, the Principal for Refined Communications, is an innovative, strategic, & results-driven business-relations leader with extensive experience in public relations & community affairs in corporate, non-profit, & governmental arenas. Her solid track record: to lead & inspire by positively creating strategies, developing programs & building strong relationships for entities such as Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas, McDonald’s franchise owners, & the City of Houston.
    As a goal-oriented advocate of continuous improvement, Marina solves problems creatively to exceed expectations, generate revenue, minimize expenses, & contribute to overall company growth & morale. Besides to her work, Marina is a Lifetime Member & Ambassador of the Greater Houston Partnership. Her desire is to see individuals grow to their fullest potential & reach their destiny. 

  • The Power of Saying 'No'

    in Self Help

    What are the issues in your life that keep you from living the best life possible? Every show, Sarah talks about the habits, mindsets, thoughts and actions that keep you from being productive, profitable and powerful. Tune in every day to hear more. 
    Sarah Says is a show that asks the question, "What Happens Next"? We all struggle, we all want MORE. And yet, we strive and often miss the mark. Sarah offers inspiration and advice to be more powerful in your own life.
    FB: http://www.Facebook.com/SarahZSays
    TW: http://www.Twitter.com/SarahZSays
    INTRO BY: Protilius and VoiceOvers by Trish
    OUTTRO MUSIC BY: Jack T. Blues

  • LIVE! with Cathi---SLEEP, the new status symbol.

    in Motivation

    SLEEP...the new status symbol.
    Did you get you zzz's last night?
    Once we would brag of not needing much sleep.  Now deep slumber is coveted.
    For years studies have shown how bad sleep weakens the immune system, impairs learning and memory.  Bad sleep contributes to depression and other mood and mental disorders.  Bad sleep contributes to obesity, diabetes, cancer.
    What is your ideal sleep environment...a cat nap in the afternoon, a swinging bed on a screened porch.  Would you wear a head band/goggles that induce sleep.
    Body Awareness...etc.

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