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  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3413

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    No Show Tonight. Please join us on a Wednesday or Thursday this week.
    We have a single purpose at NAASCA, to address issues related to childhood abuse and trauma including sexual assault, violent or physical abuse, emotional traumas, and neglect .. and we do so with only two goals:
    1) educating the public, especially as related to helping society get over its taboo of discussing childhood sexual abuse (CSA), presenting facts showing child abuse to be a pandemic, a global problem that affects everyone. 2) offering hope and healing through numerous paths, providing many services to adult survivors of child abuse, and information for anyone interested in the many issues involving prevention, intervention, and recovery.


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    Amakiasu returns to introduce ‘The Discovery Circle’ her newest offerings in her quest to persuade us to share more time together as families, both natural birth and extended.
    Family togetherness is her goal, encouraging interactive participation, creating sharing of time in togetherness with our loved ones resulting in AHA moments, and lasting memories!
    Amakiasu asks the question why do we label everything and why does labeling exist? Our minds are the greatest resources we have access to, that is when we use them properly. She provides a tool for us to accomplish that goal. Its called the Discovery Circles, come find out what they are and how they will operate. In the Meantime Buy Book:  https://www.splendentbooks.com
    See you on the radio.

  • I AM Hope with Michele Kauffman featuring Dr. Daniel Avesar

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    Exciting news!  Dr. Daniel Avesar joins this episode of our radio show to discuss his brain injury work.
    Dan is doing exceptional work with his information outlets to promote better understanding of brain injury including the nature of the problems and what can help with support and recovery. His has created two projects, the Experiencing My Brain podcast, and the Building Brain Awareness (BBA) To Help Support Brain Injury Recovery.   Tonight, he will interview for his podcast and then he will open the microphone up to the audience. 

  • Joe from Montana Show - How Society Believes Men Are Just Disposable Commodities

    in Relationships

    Men, have you ever wandered through life with a nagging & ever present feeling that you're nothing more to society, especially in the minds of women, than just disposable refuse?  If you have, well join the millions of other men who in their hearts and souls have felt the exact same way! 
    Have you ever felt you were considered valuable to your wife, girfriend, nieces, even your mother only if you did favors, or did the "heavy lifting", or helped pay bills, or did repairs, or were a chauffeur, or were a handy man, or only conformed to the "protect & provide" edicts imposed upon men via society's brainwashing? And then, still, after supporting, providing & protecting your wife, girlfriend, etc. did you find no sincere gratitude nor heartfelt appreciation was forthcoming?
    It's because you are, in the minds of the women in our society, merely a  "workhorse" doing what a "man is supposed to do." So, naturally, why should you deserve appreciation for exerting your energy, time, effort, money - and the risking of your life - for the women who say they love you.
    If you've felt that way, guess what - you were right more times than you realize; and you're not alone in that assessment.  Tonight I'll be introducing you to Karen Straughan who for years as a male advocate has been waking men up to the fact that society views & treats women as being considerably more valuable then men, despite the fact that men have contributed to society's well being probably 10 times more than women have. Buckle up your seatbelts boys & girls.  This could prove to be a very controversial broadcast.
    My co-host for tonight is Suzette. You can find her shows (here..)

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. # 2233

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    The 2 book of Shemuel.


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  • Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 3414

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    Tonight's special guest is Penny Lane from Mill Valley, California. Although she looks like a strong, vibrant woman, a happy wife and mother with a successful career, underneath she is a damaged survivor of child abuse. Her young mother died of cancer when Penny was six months old. Her sister raised her until she was four when the father, whom she did not know, took her to live with his new wife who never wanted her. The stepmom was cold and told Penny that she was plain, unattractive, and ugly. She was required to help with the new baby, but nothing she did was ever good enough. She could only eat what she was given and slept on a worn cot in a hallway. She was always hungry. As the stepmom's arthritis worsened, Penny had to take on housework as well. The mom snuck up, slapped her hard across the face, hit her with a wooden spoon, or a pot, pushed her head into a wall, or used the belt buckle on her bare bottom, yelling how stupid, lazy, and good-for-nothing she was. Penny's father was never home to witness the beatings, and the step-mom tempered her malice when others were around. If Penny told anyone, the mom would beat Penny more and call her a liar. Unfortunately, the abuse continued for 15 years, because she could not see she was being abused. Everyone is invited to engage in tonight's show. Please visit the NAASCA.org website or call 646-595-2118 to join our live panel. Website: https://www.pennylanewriter.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pennylanewriter 

  • Cast Your Burdens Upon The Lord Part 1 With Stacey Lunsford

    in Relationships

    Eloquently Speaking How do you respond when you are mistreated, wounded, hurt or disappointed?
    Today we will take a closer look at King David's response to a huge conspiracy against him that was strategically orchestrated by his son, Absalom.  Betrayal is one of the hardest hurts to overcome because it breaks your trust, it kills your spirit and all of the faith, love, honor and respect that you have for a person, it fades away in a detrimental way that steals your joy, silences your voice and steals your power!
    What do you when the pain is so bad and you don't know what to do?  You go to God and like David, you cast your burdens upon God and God will will help you!  God will comfort you!  God will heal you! 
    Let's talk about it so that we can pray about it!  

  • Your Creator Matrix: How to Use Optimal Wellness and Quantum

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    Your Creator Matrix: How to Use Optimal Wellness and Quantum Healing to Master Your Story and Create Your Reality with Cathleen Beerkens
    Your Creator Matrix is an interconnected framework that links your mind, body and spritional levels (physical,mental, emotional, and spiritual) with the Unified Field. When we master our stories--the deeply healed narratives and beliefs that influence all of our choices and creations--and learn how to digest our life experiences in new ways, we gain the power to choose new future timelines and manifest the wellness, abundance, and love we truly desire.
    Beerkens graduated from the University of Maryland with a BS in Health Education in 1983 and continued her education by receiving a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1985. Cathleen Beerkens began her nursing career at Georgetown University Medical Centre in Washington, DC. Where she worked for 11 years in various positions. She also spent many years teaching as a Teacher’s Assistant at the Georgetown University Nursing School, conducting childbirth education, and working with midwives. Beerkens is the founder of A Wellness Revolution, an institute for integrative nutrition based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
    To learn more about Linda's books visit: www.awellnessrevolution.com
    For more information about BITEradio products and services visit: http://www.biteradio.me/index.html
    To view the photography of Robert at: http://rpsharpe.com/

  • Marauder Radio 12: For God's Sake, Don't Bullsh!t Yourself

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    On today’s show, Bob discusses that the key to mental wellness is to be honest with YOURSELF and others. Don't BS yourself into thinking you don't need to heal, improve and grow.
    Bob is a licensed clinical professional counselor and improvisational comedy graduate of Chicago’s famed Player’s Workshop of the Second City.  He makes healing and counseling fun, entertaining, and educational. If you want to get serious about your mental health, laugh your ass off and be yourself.
    Marauder Radio, Pirate Radio for Mental Wellness, is a roller-coaster ride of men’s mental health ideas, a treasure trove of inspirational rants, witty and satirical lampooning of the psychological industry ‘Merica. Bob’s HOOYA (Head Out Of Your Ass) humor therapy encourages all to engage in a cranium-rectum extraction and then get busy having fun and enjoying all that life has to offer.

  • Thunder and lightning out of the community. # 3334

    in Motivation

    the second book of Shemuel.

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