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    Hosted by Rudolph Muhammad and Yusef Muhammad

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    S4E18 Charmas Lee "Building Champions"

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    For more than 30 years Charmas Lee Building Champions has been challenging individuals to transform their lives through its dynamic brand of facilitated introspection. The Building Champions approach is the by-product of extensive professional experience building champion athletes at all levels of competition. Charmas and Janice Lee have adapted these insights into a comprehensive strategy that helps businesses, teams, and students reach their full potential. Building Champions improves human productivity in corporate, academic, and athletic arenas. The principles of service, leadership, and personal development are at the core of every message. 
    In this episode learn how you too can build a championship team during hard times.
    About the host:
    John Register is a catalyst. He contributes to the success of his clients by showing them how to amputate their fear and embrace a new normal mindset. Check out this and all earlier podcasts by following his show.
    Check out John's new book on Amazon "10 Power Stories to Impact Any Leader: Journal Your Way to Leadership Success." 

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    Clementine Bihiga joins Inspired Leadership Podcast

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    Clementine Bihiga was only 8 years old when her family escaped from war-torn Rwanda. As her mother and youngest siblings piled into a car, she and her brothers had to walk beside the packed vehicle while bombs exploded beside them and bullets shot past their heads.
    She spent the next 5 years in refugee camps and settlements.Clementine had to grow up quickly and become an adult-like 8-year-old. It is no surprise that at the age of 33, she has accomplished more than many at her age.
    In 1999, she and her family were admitted to the USA where Clementine faced challenges of a different sort. Because of her past, many saw her as “different” and she was bullied in high school. Where others would have quit and been scared away, she instead used it as motivation.
    While in college, she started AFRIKA Club and held positions in several leadership organizations. She interned at the New York State Attorney General’s office, began her speaking journey and was able to travel the nation including doing work with the United Nations as an Agent of Change.
    Later in life, Clementine once again encountered tragedy when she lost her daughter. Turning pain into purpose, she founded the Clarette Refugee fund which provides education to youth refugees.
    Clementine has always used her past experiences as motivation and inspiration to keep her going through difficult times. Although she has lived through horrific events, she is resilient, charming, and features an addicting personality.
    Dawn is the founder of Desire to Inspire Foundation, an international philanthropic organization that provides children around the world with a mother's love and care while helping them find and use their own special gifts and talents. Deborah operates Brave Maven Press, a boutique publishing firm that helps authorpreneurs start or finish their legacy books.

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    Playmate series Candace Jordan

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    Media personality; Chicago Tribune social columnist (Candid Candace); Chicago Now blogger (Candid Candace), Huff Post contributor, founder and award-winning host of Candid Candace TV, Candace Collins Jordan began modeling at age 13 in St. Louis, Mo. and, during the course of her long career, has appeared on over 20 national magazine covers including 9 for Playboy (3 U.S., 6 international), had a billboard in Times Square, was a Playboy Playmate (Dec. 1979) and appeared in Risky Business with Tom Cruise. 
    During her stint as a Playboy Bunny, first in St. Louis and then in Chicago, she was chosen as Chicago Bunny of the Year and was first runner-up in the International Bunny of the Year Pageant televised on ABC. She has appeared in numerous "Best Bunny" pictorials and was the "face" of Playboy's key club sales with life-size posters in clubs around the world.

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    The Healing Heart of a Survivor - Angel Ruiz - Giggles Network Founder

    in Motivation

    Angel Ruiz, author of the HEALING SOUL OF A SURVIVOR and Founder of the GIGGLES NETWORK, is a life coach and speaker who walks her talk.
    Angel is known for  developing new problem solving techniques to her clients in the 7 areas of a balanced life:   
    Time Flow Health Career Relationships Wealth and Worth Vision Alignment (Meditation)
    "I have been there too.  My commitment to my clients is unlimited compassion,  laser-like instincts and my no-nonsense approach to get results.  As a professional business owner, investor, wife, mother and friend, my goal has always been to observe and appreciate others unconditionally. We are all on our own journey, if our paths meet, it was meant to be.".
    Angel believes a trusting relationship is the key to helping you understand your story.  This allows for developing a successful plan of action which in turn frees you to change your thinking and move beyond limiting beliefs.
    You too can release the survivor inside and feel love, joy and happiness in this very moment!  Lets learn how now!
    Connect with Angel:
    Connect with Deb:
    You too can release the survivor inside and feel love, joy and happiness in this very moment! Lets learn how now!

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    How Thoughts Become Things, A New Film by Douglas Vermeeren

    in Self Help

    While most people recognize that our thoughts and our results are connected, most people aren't getting the desired results and desires.
    For the first time, the film How Thoughts Become Things, by noted filmmaker Doug Vermeeren, will reveal the part of the equation that is missing. These answers are found in two words in the title.
    "How" refers to the process and the function of how thoughts influence who we are and shape what will appear in our lives. "Become" reflects the changes that are required and will take place in the individual, situations, and the universe of the person with the thought.
    Get ready to discover the secret you haven't yet heard. The film features today's top thought leaders Bob Proctor, Denis Waitley, John Demartini, Joe Vitale, John Assaraf, Marie Diamond, Travis Fox, Dr. Karen Perkins, Bob Doyle, Meagan Fettes, Marina Bruni, and Douglas Vermeeren.
    Doug has conducted extensive research into the lives of the world's top achievers over the last two decades. He has the success strategies of top business leaders from Nike, Reebok, Fruit of the Loom, FedEx, KFC, United Airlines, Microsoft, and Disney. ABC TV and FOX Business refer to him as the modern Day Napoleon Hill. Doug has authored 3 books in the Guerrilla marketing series. He is the creator of PERSONAL POWER MASTERY, which is rated one of the top personal development programs in the world, providing powerful tools to companies, individuals, and students.
    Join Douglas Vermeeren and me on Tuesday, June 9, 10-11 A.M. CT US. We will be having a conversation about his remarkable life's journey, and How Thoughts Become Things reveals the truths, strategies, patterns, and misconceptions around how our thoughts influence and affect our lives.

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    in Motivation

    He is quick to share his background with you as having spent ½ half of his life in an institution aka jail system. His name is Sonta’ and he professes that now he Knows GOD!!
    Sonta’ is constantly looking in his mirror to check himself. He has that inner value of correcting his behavior and thinking long before anyone else does. He unapologetically ‘expects’ Miracles!! His attitude is contagious. You will fall in love with In-ergy (energy).
    This young man is a prolific creator of the written word. He will be sharing with us one of his originals “Rainbows and Mud Puddles”
    Join us. Come with an open mind. Listen with an open Heart!
    See you on the radio.

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    GEORGE FLOYD – Part 2 and 3 of 3 – His Message and the Global Healing for Change

    in Self Help

    For today, I have written out George’s message to share with the listeners. I based it on what he discussed with me all week, from what I recall from yesterday and on the help he gave me today as I was writing it. His message will be followed by a global healing for all of the humanities. Please join me for this profound and inspiring show.

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    Relationships On Reality Mode

    in Motivation

    If you will ever know if you belong where you are in a relationship, quarantine is sure answering your unanswered questions. Who knew we would be spending so much time with those we love and find that we get to know them so deeply in this way? What have we found out and what does that mean to us coming out of the time in our history? Tune in and join in on the conversation tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM PT / 8:30 AM ET! 

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    The 6

    in Relationships

    The 6 

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