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  • 00:31

    Mastering Your Own Life with Kindaichi Lee

    in Self Help

    Join me with guest Kindaichi Lee talking about how you can you can unlock hidden potential and eliminate limiting beliefs so you can achieve fulfilling lifestyle. In his own journey of transformation, the turning point was when he realized he needed to be authentic with himself, accept himself for who he is, and become grounded into his Values & Life Purpose. Kindaichi is the founder of ACTS for Transformation, providing coaching, counseling, and training to empower people to transform their own life authentically. 
    Kindaichi's website:

  • 01:03

    “Home Is What You Make It: Poems from Quarantine”

    in Motivation

    I'm a community activist for criminal justice reform and mental health awareness, as well as a former lawyer and convicted felon who just came home in May of 2019. I'm an artist/producer (stage name = Pastor Ayu) from Washington, DC and I make what I call " Gospel Trap" music about how my faith in Jesus Christ turned my life around and got me back on track. I talk truthfully about the streets and how God's mercy can change anyone, particularly if He changed me, over hardcore trap beats. While I was still incarcerated, I led the Bible study for my unit (Southeast 3 in DC Jail) and I was in the Inmate Gospel Choir. I still do Bible study and ministry at DC Jail right now with the Phoenix Ministry at New Bethel Baptist Church. I also work with the National Reentry Network for Returning Citizens (the formerly incarcerated) throughout DC in getting people jobs and housing when they come home from prison.
    My main website with all my social media links is
    Instagram: @pastorayu
    Twitter: @AyuPastor
    TikTok: @pastorayu
    Snapchat: @pastorayu
    Facebook: 53CELL Productions LLC
    YouTub: Pastor Ayu

  • 01:31

    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 2421

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Alexandria Dean from Franklin, Tennessee. She experienced childhood abuse but no longer describes herself either as a victim or as a survivor; she is redeemed! People say that those who have been hurt like this can never get over this and are damaged for the rest of their lives. Alexandria is living proof that kind of talk is a LIE. There IS life after such trauma, and life does not stop because challenges come, even if it comes repeatedly. As an activist against human trafficking she's the CEO, President and Founder of J R House, Inc., which helps the victims of human sex trafficking by providing hands-on assistance even across many states and even countries, working with the National Human Trafficking Hotline, police, and other agencies willing to help without breaking laws. Most survivors are not safe nor feel safe until they leave the location they were trafficked in and through. Sometimes this means leaving the state or even country. Also a pastor, Alexandria is the author of 'From Heaven To Hell And Back A Few Times'. The work reveals how she's truly living a joy-filled life beyond the horrific abuses of her past. She says she's overcome these abuses and is enthusiastic about life and her future. There are reasons why we hope, and Alexandria and her testimony are examples why we all need to hope. We're delighted to have her as a member of the NAASCA family!

  • 00:49

    Malik Amir Mix on Living & Thriving with Rustie

    in Self Help

    Malik Amir Mix, 23, is a rising mogul and a fighter. The Michigan State University graduate discovered that in January 2018, he could not accept his 300+ lbs. life and began his very own health journey while launching a nonprofit organization, Our Young Leaders Foundation. This journey, both transformational and memorable, caught the eyes of thousands. Most notably, they listed him on the Forbes Under 30 list. The first-generation college graduate constantly reminds people about body positivity as a means of confidence. Now, weighing almost 100 lbs lighter, Mix gives people "medicine" for those feeling as though the world is judging them because of the way they look on the outside: laughter, love, and light. 
    @cubanleek via Instagram

  • 01:01

    What age do men really begin to settle down?

    in Relationships

    Fellas, what age do men really begin to settle down? Is there really a time frame for this or are we just barking up the wrong tree? Well, join me @_SimpleeBree_ Tuesday, June 23rd as I present this question plus others to my guest JaeQwon (@thecyphersden) starting at 8PM. Got a question - Call in! 515-602-9647

  • 01:10

    The Brothers For Real Radio Show - Gotta Make Way For The Young Folks!

    in Goals

    When it comes to making a stand for justice, we are seeing that young folks are the first to speak up and show up.  In light of the frustration with police brutality and misconduct, which seems to have climaxed with the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a police on live camera in Minneapolis, most marches and protests throughout the world are being spearheaded and well-attended by youth and Anson County is no exception.
    At this point, we believe it is safe to say, "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!'
    Special Guests:
    Mianna DeBerry Karisma Rev. Vivian Williams Danielle - Black Voters Matter

  • 00:59

    Pilot authors a Book about HIMS PROGRAM Forced to attend AA meetings for life

    in Self Help

    The HIMS Nightmare is a practical guide to surviving the “Human Intervention Motivation Study” program for pilots who are in recovery from substance abuse, or who are sucked into the program despite not being addicted to mood-altering substances. The HIMS program is not what it is portrayed to be.
    Developed in 1974 as a means for returning substance-abusers to the cockpit, HIMS has grown to become a monster intended to put as many pilots as possible under the complete control of their employers, who may have their required FAA medical certificates revoked at any time, for any reason.
    HIMS relies almost entirely on outmoded “Twelve Step Facilitation Therapy,” which is itself based almost solely on the tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous. AA was formed in 1935 and has changed little since. Although the rate of recovery for AA alone is abysmal, HIMS claims high rates of recovery which are, in truth, the result of participants who are threatened with loss of the careers, and intrusive monitoring requirements which may stretch in duration to include a pilot’s entire career.

  • 00:51

    Dating and Authenticity with Alex Orlando

    in Relationships

    Weekly show with Alex Orlando, relationship and authenticity coach. Each week, Alex shares how authenticity is the place where all good relationships start from and live. Listeners have the opportunity to call in live with a question and get insights into their own lives and situations.
    Alex is changing dating and relationships, shifting it from being "technique" and "game" focused to honest, open, and inspiring communication. The results are often quick and profound, translating to all areas, not just love. He works with clients in the UK and the US.
    For a session with Alex Orlando contact: 
    Follow on Instagram @alexorlandocross
    Follow on YouTube
    You can click on the link directly to the show:
    Call in to ask a question (and listen): (516) 666-9512
    In the UK, dial in through Skype!
    Produced by Hoop Earrings Entertainment

  • 01:00

    The Journey, We Are Not alone

    in Motivation

    Abusive relationships are fairly simple. They are driven by insecurity, the fear that feeds that insecurity, and an expectation of inconsistency, both real and perceived.
    An abuser is morbidly insecure. S/he (yes, potentially she) has little sense of his/her own social value and makes an effort to gain or regain some semblance of that value through domination and control. The fear that feeds this insecurity has two fronts: fear of not being lovable, and fear of appearing weak. The paradox here is that the abuser is, in fact, weak, which is why s/he abuses in the first place — to maintain a sense of control. The perceived inconsistency on the part of the abuser by the victim is that the victim is not submitting to the abuser's domination.

  • 02:00

    Solutions Today with Bill DeAngelo

    in Self Help

    Brain injury in Black Lives Covering all aspects of medical care from the first hospital stay to all the follow up care after that. We will also discuss the resources, or lack of thereof. Bill's guests tonight include Roger Barttwaite MBA Support Group Leader and Stroke Survivor, Brain Stem Stroke Survivor Ruven Surall with his wife/caregiver Leah Surall, and Brenda Brown Brain Injury Survivor.
    We also will have an update on Brain Injury news and current events.

  • 01:21

    Let's Talk

    in Motivation

    Toccara Williams and Delvin Foster discuss today's current events. They will take a deep dive into the death of George Floyd and whats going on in America. 

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