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  • 03:26

    238: Community, Money, Nutrition, Profits, Covid Detox, Take Action, AZ Politics

    in Motivation

    12:06p - Jason Bressler: Phoenix Metro Chamber Foundation - Supporting local charities helping "Vets-Pets & Kids"
    12:17p - Dennis Williams: A finance app to use the bank's strategy "The Power of Compounding" to have your money working for you 24/7 & get financial freedom
    12:27p - Jackie Phillips: Wellness Expert - Equipping high achievers with great nutrition
    12:38p - Anne Gannon: The affordable CPA who works monthly with small business owners to increase profits
    12:48p - Cherie Calbom: Detox Expert & The Juice Lady - Ethylene Oxide "The most carcinogenic chemical in America" is on the Covid Test Swabs - How to detox after being poisoned & for protection from viruses.
    *Michele’s Patriotic Soapbox: Facts, Truth, Take Action Items & Resources*
    1:00p - Special Guest ELI MARCUS: Motivational Speaker, Professional Mentor Coach & Host of The Motivation Show.  These 45 minutes will take your business & life to a new level of success. We're showing you how to take the 1st Step, be Pro-Active & Take Action like never before!
    1:45p - Special Guest BRYAN MASCHE: Conservative Country Lovin & Freedom Fightin Candidate for Governor of Arizona. He's just the man to fix the NUMEROUS issues affecting the lives of it's great citizens.
    VISIT: For our Partners' Info, Episodes, Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community & Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Much More!
    Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform - Hosted by Michele Swinick "The Queen of Quality Content"
    ONE Location With All The Information!
    We're LIVE Mon, Wed & Fri @ 12p PT to make your life better!

  • 01:01

    ET Universal Zone

    in Motivation

    Mount Olympus Presents
    with Marc and Phyllis Brinkerhoff
    Recording Friday 7/2/21, 9-10 PM EDT
    Produced  by Hercules Invictus
    AN OLYMPIAN DISCLAIMER: Aristotle suggested that entertaining new thoughts without feeling obliged to accept them is a wise practice to cultivate. We agree. Our Olympian podcasts explore interesting thoughts and viewpoints on a variety of topics, including health, religion and politics. Our exploration is one of personal opinions and sometimes systems of belief. Our discussions in this forum, though sincere and enthusiastic, are not to be construed as Olympian endorsements of any particular point of view.

  • 00:06

    Wayne Scot Lukas - Being Our Best

    in Motivation

    For more than thirty-eight years, Wayne Scot Lukas has been a top celebrity fashion stylist who has worked with many of the most famous faces (and bodies) in the world. His styling can be seen in countless magazines.
    Wayne was the lead stylist and assistant designer for Christie Brinkley; and one of the co-authors and support on the New York Times bestselling books Making Faces and Face Forward by celebrity makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. He was the head stylist and creative director of Spiegel magazine. He has also been featured in The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed the Clothing Business Forever (2000) by Teri Agins, Secrets of Stylists: An Insider’s Guide to Styling the Stars by Sasha Charnin Morrison (2011), House of Versace: The Untold Story of Genius, Murder and Survival by Deborah Ball (2011) and Jersey Girls: The Fierce and the Fabulous by Marie Moss and Barri Leiner Grant.
    As a costume designer and visual consultant, Wayne worked on Tina Turner’s “Wildest Dreams” World Tour, and with Gianni Versace executing Wayne’s vision for her “24/7” World Tour; on special opening costumes for Janet's “All For You” World Tour and for her infamous “wardrobe malfunction” costume at the 2004 Super Bowl; and styled the wardrobe for Justin Timberlake and his dancers for the “Justified” World Tour. Several of his costume designs were featured in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's "Rock Style” exhibit, which traveled around the globe. (Three of his designs were considered the best costumes in rock’n’roll history.) On television, Wayne was the co-host/stylist of the hit TLC fashion intervention show What Not To Wear in 2003-2004. 
    Born and raised in Bergenfield, NJ,  he is an accomplished, competitive equestrian, a dearly loved uncle, dog breeder, animal lover, artist, friend, caretaker, brother, and son.

  • 00:32

    Close Up Radio Spotlights Keisha Robinson of A Touch of Key LLC

    in Motivation

    Philadelphia, PA – When people are able to extract themselves from their pain, from their challenges and their struggle, they are almost always compelled to help other people.
    Keisha Robinson in one such person.
    Keisha grew up in the heart of drug-infested north Philadelphia, where she became a product of her environment. She was homeless, addicted to drugs and on probation.
    Finally, Keisha found her will to thrive again.
    She contacted my probation officer to say she didn't want to be in the environment she was in and needed help.
    “I placed myself in a recovery house for two years to clean up,” recalls Keisha. “When I got out, my mind started to change. My social world changed.”
    Once Keisha I realized how much power she had within her, she needed to take it a step further. That’s when she discovered life coaching.
    “I’ve always had a passion to help people,” recalls Keisha. “Growing up, everybody used to gravitate to me to ask questions or to help them with things. I never understood why.
    Today, Robinson is the founder of A Touch of Key, a nonprofit community outreach organization dedicated to empowering the people who need it most. Her ultimate goal is feed as many mouths as I can feed and to touch as many hearts as she can.
    “I want to be able to help the community,” says Keisha. “I chose youth guidance because a child’s social world can deteriorate in the blink of an eye, and they often don't know how to express themselves. I want to be their voice because I’ve been where they’ve been, and I know I would rather listen to someone that actually walked the path. It's a constant reminder of where I came from because I'm constantly uplifting people.”

  • 01:12

    How to Attract Money Like a Lover

    in Motivation

    Episode 195: How to Attract Money Like A Lover with guest Morgana Rae 
    Does money love you, or is it the source of much pain in your life? According to our guest today, Morgana Rae, money is the #1 excuse people give for what they can’t have, do, or be. We are often afraid that we won’t have enough money or will lose what we already have.  The media, friends, family, and employers all use scare tactics to keep you feeling this way. This fear and doubt of our financial security and abundance can limit us from achieving true financial success.  So how can you break free from your money monster and turn him or her into your money honey? International Wealth Coach and bestselling author Morgana Rae joins us to share how we can attract money like a desired love. 
    Morgana Rae is a 20-time international #1 bestselling author and mentor coach, and she is regarded as the world’s #1 authority on relationships with money. Her groundbreaking approach to love-centered wealth building has featured her on The Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, major television networks, Coast to Coast Radio, and hundreds more. 
    If you thought the answer to creating financial abundance was mindset, you might just be surprised at what you can learn from Morgana Rae... 
    Connect with Morgana:
    Connect with your host: 

  • 00:33

    Building A New Chapter With Carla Ballou

    in Motivation

    Welcome to Life Transformation Radio. 
    In this episode, Carla Ballou and I discuss how we can build new chapters for ourselves in our everyday life.
    So if you want to learn how to fear less, be true to who you are, and never give up, tune in now!
    In this episode, you'll discover:
    How to fear less
    Be true to who you are
    And never giving up.
    About Carla
    Carla Ballou, MBA, There is a common thread woven throughout her career: helping people to excel. As a leadership, high performance, and organizational change management professional, her goal is to coach, teach, motivate, empower, and inspire women to be their very best.
    Drawing from her diverse background in finance, leadership, fashion, and beauty, Carla has been able to help clients transition into their purposeful and intentional careers, double their income, become entrepreneurs, improve their health, purchase their dream home, and heal relationships. Her signature technique involves working on clients one to one and building new chapters in their lives.
    More Information
    Learn more about Carla by visiting
    @carla_ballou (instagram) 
     Carla Ballou (Facebook)
    Thanks for Tuning In!

  • 00:32

    Close Up Radio Spotlights Jody Jacob-McVey of EquiSense Solution LLC

    in Goals

    New York, NY – The connection between humans and horses dates back thousands of years. Experiencing horses in their natural herd environment can provide powerful insight into how we participate in our own herds: our families, schools, communities and the workplace.
    Jody Jacob-McVey is a professional certified coach (PCC), an equine behavior specialist and the managing director of EquiSense Solutions LLC (ESS), an experiential living and leader development company.  
    With EquiSense Solutions, Jody combines the business experiences of her corporate career with the interpersonal skills from coaching and consulting, and the absolute belief in the human potential when fully connected to the natural world.
    Jody partners with creative institutions to provide life changing programs for people who need them the most.
    “When people walk on the farm, they feel better automatically,” says Jody.
    “Horses are naturally curious and social. They are always in relationship with us though the nature of that relationship is based on whether we are perceived as safe or not,” says Jody. “The horse’s behavior is constantly shifting in response to the clients’ actions and intention. I am constantly looking for these micro or overt behaviors that inform me as a coach how best to engage with my client in support of their stated goals. Clients can connect the horse behavior to feedback in real time. In almost every session they blow my mind.”
    Jody says that all her work is in service of building awareness of self and others. That's where the leader development part comes in.
    “I believe that everybody is a leader, from little kids to C-suite executives,” says Jody.

  • 00:46

    The Ripple Effect with Trilby Saldana:Starve Your Distractions & Feed your Focus

    in Motivation

    Jeff Vulpis is a Personal Development Mind Fitness Coach based out of St. Augustine and Jacksonville, FL. We have had endless discussions on just about every topic you can imagine and have always said, "We really need to have our own crazy podcast show!" And folks, here it is, not too crazy but a podcast! We even had a new cool twist that we came up with after relistening to this one so stick around and watch for that update! Now back to Jeff! He is a multi talented, street smart, battle rappin' comedian who brings a unique and no BS perspective with a comedic twist on every situation. WIth a nickname like "The BS Butcher" you might think he comes in full force, body slammin like Hulk Hogan in the ring but it's quite the opposite! Jeff's assessment of any challenge or situation packs a punch you cn always count on a twist of humor, or twisted humor that seems to artistically drive home the message with ease and grace. If you are quick on pop culture references you will surely be entertained in the process. He knows how to guide through the issues teaching us how to laugh at ourselves, life and everything in between and how to show ourselves grace through the growth. Jeff Vulpis is an incredible coach, mentor and friend! Make sure you connect with him on Social Media @JeffVulpis
    Maybe you could get him to battle rap for you but you didn't hear that from me!
    Thank you for tuning in!
    Leave a comment and let us know you were here. Much Love & Light to you my Soul Tribe!

  • 02:04

    Faceus Radio Rob McKenna with Citizens Public Safety Network & Elder Abuse Fraud

    in Self Help

    Join us *LIVE* Wednesday night, July 7, 2021, on F.A.C.E.U.S. Radio with Co-Hosts Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman, Hillary Hogue. We will be discussing Healthcare Fraud/Elder Abuse. Tonight, our guests are Rob McKenna Director and founder of the Citizen Public Safety network (CPSN) which compiles public safety and educational resources to help families & advocates compare patterns of elder abuse, domestic violence, child mistreatment, fraud, corruption and a founder of Developer of Fraud & Abuse Detection Software for Civic Accountability. Listen here Live 6:00pm PST/ 7:00 pm MST/ 8:00 pm CST/ 9:00 pm EST. Join online or call our GUEST LINE 845-241-9962. Press 1 to ask questions or make a comment. Our 2nd guest is Stacie (Colorado) will be discussing how one of her mom’s doctor faces up to 60 years in Federal Prison in Texas. Stacie wants to deliver hope to other victims fighting for their loved ones in abusive guardianships. She fought for 5 years through prose litigation and will never give up seeking proper medical care for her mom. Kathy Jones will be joining us. Tune in to Blog Talk Radio Channel Hidden Truth Revealed–The Inside Scoop. F.A.C.E.U.S. (Families Against Court Embezzlement Unethical Standards) 

  • 01:00

    He Said What - "Communication: Waiting For Your Mate vs Rushing Towards One"

    in Relationships

    Is there a bad thing with a woman pursuing a man of her interest? Why is it better or worst for a woman to wait on a man to pursue her? Do men look at aggressive or assertive women as being thirsty???
    Join Simplee Bree along with her guest Kevin Bryant, on the "He Said What?!" Show tonight, starting at 8 PM ET only on (@HeSaidWhatRadioNetwork)?? ?? Be a part of the show! Call @515-602-9647 and press 1 if you have a question or comment for us as well!??

  • 00:43

    Keep Climbing With Sean Swarner

    in Goals

    Welcome to Life Transformation Radio. 
    In this episode, Sean Swarner and I discuss how no challenge is ever too great...
    So if you want to defy the odds, test your endurance, and help motivate people around the world so you can live an inspired life, tune in now!
    In this episode, you'll discover:
     Defy the odds
    Test your endurance 
    Help motivate people around the world
    About Sean
    Sean Swarner is the only person to climb Everest, the highest mountain on every continent, ski to both Poles, and complete the Hawaii Ironman... all after 2 terminal cancers, a 14-day prognosis, a year-long coma, and with one lung.
    More Information
    Learn more about Sean by visiting
    Thanks for Tuning In!

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