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    Archetypes: The MAGICIAN

    in Motivation

    Join us this week as we continue our popular new series based on Carl Jung’s Archetypes. This week we will discuss the Archetype of THE MAGICIAN. In this episode we will discuss what it is and what it means and how it can affect our daily life, our relationships, and our work. We will touch on how the Archetype of the Magician can motivate us or challenge us. 
    Please be sure to follow us on our Facebook Page on @inspirationallivingpodcast. Comment and rate our podcast on Itunes and be sure to subscribe. To learn more about Marianne check out her website at where you will discover information about her readings, healing  and soul work. To learn more about Rien Cassidy, visit her website at where you can discover her therapeutic art classes and workshops. 
    On Inspirational Living Podcast, we  cover topics such as self-love, building a tribe, synchronistic living, thinking versus doing, imposter syndrome and much more. As we delve into the topics, we give practical tools and tips for improving self-care and overall enjoyment of your life. 

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    Tools To Help You Heal from Partner Betrayal with Carol the Coach

    in Self Help

    Today Carol the Coach is interviewing Jenni Rochelle who has created a coaching program for women healing from betrayal trauma.  It’s a six-month, private coaching program for women who are in the later stages of healing and are ready to reclaim and rediscover themselves.   The website is

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    The Astrologer and The Alchemist March 27, 2021

    in Motivation

    You can feel it...SPRING!  At the end of the week Sun and Venus met up in Aries starting a new 8 year cycle of love, money and abundance!.  We are launched!!. 
    With Mars in Gemini met the North Node taking us forward. The Full Moon takes place, illuminating our relationships and individual path ~ pointing out the choices. Mercury in the last degrees of Pisces makes us emotional, softer and more connected.  The future is calling. Ensure controlled and manageable growth and change.  Come big, but come correct, and be able to stay the course -- with minor adjustments along the way.
    Join Astrologer, Anne Ortelee, and Alchemist, JeMaja Selas as they discuss the astrological and alchemical forces above and and their impact below on Planet Earth.
    Find us and Follow us:  on IG @TheAstrologerandTheAlchemist (yes, it's long but it's consistent)

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    A Life Transformed with KISS & Grand Funk Railroad Guitarist Bruce Kulick

    in Goals

    Bruce Kulick became a guitar hero when he was asked to join KISS in 1984. As their lead guitarist, Kulick was featured in the band from ’84 till ’96, performing around the world in addition to his recordings and videos with the iconic band. During those years, he earned multiple Platinum and Gold records and video awards. In addition to his years in KISS, he toured or recorded with Meatloaf, Billy Squier, Michael Bolton, Avantasia, Lordi, UNION, and is featured on many other artists projects. Since 2000, Kulick has been the lead guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad, “The American Band”. The current version of Grand Funk is in its 20th year of touring. In addition to his appearances at guitar shows and clinics, for the past three years Bruce has been a featured performer on the sold out KISS Kruise.  

  • 01:22

    Understanding the Changing Global Financial Scenario

    in Motivation

    The release of the curency wsxchange funds will create a new scenario i nthe global finances

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    Sacral Chakra Healing with Energy Psychologist and Coach Lydia Van Den Broeck

    in Self Help

    This month we are shining the Light on the second (Navel) Chakra. What are Power Struggles? How to be aware of them ? how to eliminate them?  How can you more creative and have more fun.
    The time has come. 5th Dimensional consciousness refers to the spiritual dimensions that mirror our spiritual growth. Maybe now, more than ever, as we find ourselves living through extreme social upheaval, we want our outer world to reflect the picture of the life we hold inside. Maybe now, more than ever, as we find ourselves living through extreme social upheaval, we want our outer world to reflect the picture of the life we hold inside.
    It’s important to know how and why things manifest and why they sometimes do not. Manifesting something is not the inevitable result of following certain steps. Before your desires can take form, it is fundamental to know yourself as “worthy” of receiving. Feeling deserving does not come from an entitled claim of the ego but rather comes from your heart as an expression of your authentic self. You are divinity personified. Can you relax and surrender to the flow and allow life to come to you with grace? Life is much easier and sweeter to navigate as you reach into yourself at a deeper level.
    Today's special guest Lydia Van den Broeck, Ph.D., is a transformational healer, teacher, coach, and applied mystic, rooted in every day life. The core of her work is to be Heart to Heart with each person and escort them into their fullest potential. She holds a Ph.D. in Holistic Sciences and Psychotherapy. Lydia has a private practice in the Chicago area and is available in person or by phone. She gives keynotes, teaches groups, and workshops, by invitation, and is available to guide individuals and groups to elevate their consciousness and encourage cooperation.

  • 01:02

    Unique Solution to Extreme Mental Stress of 2020 with Dr. David Rosmarin

    in Relationships

    A year of social distancing and isolating at home has fractured our relationships and wreaked havoc on our mental health. Exacerbating the pain of the pandemic has been a level of political turmoil unprecedented in modern American history. The sudden and long-lasting trauma of the shutdown combined with our divisive political crises have profoundly damaged the personal, interpersonal, and transcendent connections we depend on to lead flourishing lives.
    To restore these connections and achieve a sustainable sense of wellbeing, today's special guest Dr. David Rosmarin presents a holistic method called The Connections Paradigm. This method descends from a 3,000 year old Jewish tradition that focuses on healing three key relationships. These are the relationships between our bodies and souls, ourselves and others, and ourselves and whatever higher power we believe in.
    In his book The Connections Paradigm: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for Modern Mental Health , Dr. Rosmarin describes techniques that anyone can use to heal these fractured relationships and enjoy a fully functioning life.
    David H. Rosmarin, PhD, is director of the Spirituality and Mental Health Program at McLean Hospital and an assistant professor of psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. He supervises the provision of spiritually integrated services in clinical programs throughout the hospital’s divisional structure, and collaborates with laboratories to study the clinical relevance of spirituality to anxiety, mood, psychotic, substance use, and other disorders. Dr. Rosmarin’s clinical work and research have received media attention from ABC, NPR, Scientific American, the Boston Globe, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times.

  • 00:32

    Opening the Doors to Your Heart with Zalah & Sister Jenna

    in Motivation

    Zalah walked away from a successful career in finance to find freedom by going deep within spiritually. Studying abroad with a living Master for seven years, he brought his knowledge of ancient truths back to Canada to grow through huge life challenges.
    Zalah says he learned when the truth sets you free, life starts to really happen “for you” instead of “to you.” He currently teaches at The Centre for Transformation in Calgary, Canada. His mission is to make a huge difference and empower others to live the life they were meant to enjoy. His new book is titled, “The Big Three....Three Ways Your Divine is Trying to Get Your Attention and How to Get Back into the Flow.” Visit to access the 10 Part Consciousness Accelerator Course to form a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our world and increase your consciousness by opening the doors to your heart to the love that is waiting for you.
    Listen to the new Om Shanti album by Sister Jenna on Spotify.  Like America Meditating & on Twitter.  Visit Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.

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    Dr. J.E.W.E.L.'s Brain Balancing Hour

    in Self Help

    Host: Dr. Jewel Pookrum & Dr. T. Owens Moore, Ph.d
    Call  347-215-9531
    Join the DJBP (Dr. J.E.W.E.L's Brain Balancing Program ) every Friday at 6:00 pm est. to learn more click here

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    182 LIVE: Hashtags, Your Transformation, Meaningful Life, AZ Recalls, Caregivers

    in Motivation

    "Purpose-Driven Partners” Segment Showcasing our Partners in the Everything Home Socially Conscious Referral Network!
    ** March Maskless Madness Month & Happy St. Patrick's Day **
    12:17pm - Preston Weekes:  Formula EQ = Personal Transformation + Scientific Information
    12:27pm - Andrew Calderella:  Do You Know The Way?
    12:38pm - Shelby Busch:  We The People AZ Alliance
    12:48pm - Betsy Wurzel:  Helping Caregivers By Education, Inspiration & Advocating
    VISIT  For our Guests & Partners' Info, All Episodes, To Subscribe, Like-Follow-Join Our Community, Read The Blogs, Sign Up For Our Newsletter, Become A Purpose-Driven Business & Our Partner, Book Your 7 Minute Live Segment, Learn About Our 5 Transformational Programs to Grow Your Business, Enhance the Quality of Your Life, Make A Difference & Much More!
    EVERYTHING HOME...ONE Location With All The Information!
    Patriotic Purpose Driven Resource Platform - Hosted by Michele Swinick "The Queen of Quality Content"
    We're going LIVE every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 12pm to 1pm PT with experts, entrepreneurs, professionals and purpose-driven people to share their stories, passions and provide real-life tangible takeaways...all in 7 minute segments. ONE location with all the information to enhance the quality of your life, give yourself more professional, personal and financial freedom, and our favorite...Promote Patriotism!
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