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Sea Level Rise Radio

Sea Level Rise Radio


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Discussions about the practical effects of sea level rise.

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In this podcast, we explore several of the many opportunities Congress can focus on to help America adapt to rising seas. What help will Washington give to home and business owners who face costly adaptation and, in some cases, retreat... more

As Climate Week NYC takes place from September 21 to September 28 to focus on the global issues of climate change and sea level rise, we must not lose focus on how rising seas will affect the average person, family and business. Join... more

When political figures avoid discussing sea level rise and climate change by proclaiming, "I am not a scientist," they need to complete that defense by stating, "but I am willing to listen carefully to them." Failing to become educated on... more

If political leadership at the state level is missing with regard to rising seas, it is foreseeable that citizens groups may proactively demand public policy action through the constitutional amendment process. These "citizen initiatives" would... more

When it comes to rising seas, the U.S. tax code is not ready. Neither are the IRS regulations. The federal definition of "Casualty Loss" does not seem to cover owner's losses when ocean waters permanently steal properties. Given... more

When regularly and then permanently flooded in sea level rise vulnerable areas, homeowners will not want to make a choice between paying their existing mortgage obligations or, alternatively, defaulting and trying to qualify for a new... more

As sea level rise ascends as a priority issue for the general population in vulnerable regions, legislatures and real estate professionals need to consider fair and reasonable rising sea notice statutes in residential and even commercial... more

An amazing new technology under study by the U.S. Navy could produce boundless energy from salt water. The science is clear...the oceans continue to absorb carbon dioxide, which is one of the reasons the seas are warming and... more

Reports of scientific studies and local government initiatives to deal with the challenge of swelling oceans fill the internet and traditional media daily. Technical experts dealing with sea level rise are hard at work in South Florida, California,... more

In the past few days, the San Francisco Civil Grand Jury released a comprehensive and important report entitled, "Rising Sea Levels...At Our Doorstep." In this broadcast, we explore some key points raised by the panel... more