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Texas Board Certified family law attorney Mark Scroggins shares information about issues affecting Texas families in divorce and family law.

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Sometimes a marriage fails because of a mixture of several conflicts that the couple cannot get past. The list of reasons people get a divorce is long, but for today's program, we focus on four main reasons for divorce: financial reasons,... more

Mark leads our program talking about the very incorrect assumption many make, which is that if the courthouses are closed to non-essential matters, the law firms are also closed. No, this I not the case, the law firms are open and so are the... more

Mark talks about the first 6 weeks of staying at home, having kids at home, and not being able to get out; you find out how close you are to your spouse or how ready you are to be done with that person. For a consultation for divorce, family... more

Are You Making Sure You are Taking Care of Yourself and Contacting Others at Home During Divorce and Coronavirus? All cautions aside, Mark talks about the importance of interacting with one another using something like Zoom to... more

What are Essential Hearings and Matters and How are Courts Operating? CPS cases, criminal cases, and such, are essential matters. Typically under the current situation, the courts are hearing cases involving family violence, protective... more

There are Several Forms of Discovery in Divorce and Child Custody Discovery is written and oral. Written discovery includes interrogatory questions. Written discovery includes requests for the production of documents, requests for... more

Dallas area divorce attorney Mark L. Scroggins talks about mental health in child custody cases, where the mental health of the parents or children may be at issue. Is there a diagnosis? Is a psychological evaluation necessary? There are... more

In this Scroggins Law Group production, we take a closer look at final trials in divorce and child custody cases in Texas. Ideally, you and your Frisco divorce lawyer can settle your divorce and child custody issues outside of court and... more

This Scroggins Law Group podcast is full of detailed information about the discovery process and great examples and illustrations of how written and oral discovery is used as evidence to prove allegations as well as to challenge... more

In this podcast, you can learn everything you need to know to understand your current possession schedule and the standard holiday possession schedule. Mark will also suggest ways to solve problems before they arise and how... more