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The Scott Hensler Show: Starting January 25th, 2019 the Walking Among Spirits show, the Scott Hensler Network show, and the Tin Foil Hat Club show goes full circle. Returning back to Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! This shows the main concept is Simplicity Probability Facts and Truth no matter who it offends! Whether you’re a TI, Cursed individual or just confused. The truth will set you free…

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Tonight the question again is raised about demonic infection vs possession concerning demonic spirits. Can Christian have spirits/demons? What really are spirits? Are they demons or something else? Where do spirits go when a person... more

What is the end-times connection with cloning, hybrids, demons, and Nephilim? Is this the army that comes against Jesus Christ in the Valley of Armageddon? Are they already among us? Tonight guest Pastor Douglas Riggs joins TFHC... more

Update on Eric Dollard interview in southern Nevada and other topics. Open mic open topics some specific discussions on events past and present.

From UfO's to Flying Creatures to upright walking Dogmen. Including Thunderbird's and Men in Black have been reported in Kecksburg, PA starting around 1965. However, reports of a hairy man-like creature dating back from the... more

Update on events and past topics with new subjects. Also, I will be going to Tonopah, NV to meet with Eric Dollard for a personal interview. Any support for travel expense would be appreciated. Tonopah falls with the Area 51 hot zone.... more

A recent interview with Preston Nichols, 03/23/2018. The Montauk Project both mind control and time travel has been the forefront of today's technology used in MK Ultra Monarch experiments and Time Travel leading to CERN opening up... more

Special show for Thursday 03/22/2018 5pm Pacific time on TFHC. Forced Live Organ Harvesting of Christians and Falun Gong Chinese update with Mitchell Nicholas Gerber. The FORCED Organ harvesting in China. 100s of thousands... more

Warning: Tonight's show may be disturbing for some. Listener discretion advised. Not for children. We are Tri-part beings with body, soul, and spirit. With curses and past sin that have not been resolved in the last days will reveal the... more

There is a fight coming and the question is are you ready for it! Tonight I address the potential of all who have open doors to be used by the enemy in the last days. From torment to being possibly a tormentor. Anyone with generational... more

Because of technical difficulties – Re-broadcast of Digital Cancer. 5G wireless network and other electromagnetic radiation from satellites to cell towers bombard us twenty-four seven. Was this God's plan.? Or is the works of evil on... more