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    A Glimpse into the Glass

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    Students fully identify, explain, and evaluate at least two themes and the author’s commentary on at least two societal issues or criticisms of society; this interpretation is supported by at least two specific pieces of textual evidence that students specifically explain by analyzing the language in the text.
    Students identify, explain, and analyze at least three MAJOR techniques in the text; the impact of the craft is adequately explained.
    Students thoroughly discuss the author’s purpose(s) in writing the text; at least two literary lenses are used to analyze the text and why the author wrote the book.  The author’s purpose(s) are explained in thorough detail and the lenses are identified, described, and their usage for the interpretations of the novel is explained. At least one instance of textual evidence is included.

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    Sunday – December 4 – 9pm EST – 8pm CST – 6pm PST – 3am Africa – 2am London
    Call-in:  602.753.1532  www.blogtalkradio.com/nationalblackout 
    Buy Black Radio, by National Blackout are weekly radio shows that are dedicated to local, national and international Black economic empowerment. Buy Black Radio is the official radio show for nationalblackout.org, the groundbreaking Black economic empowerment website. Our objective is to educate and inspire our listeners into the process of individual and collective financial wealth and ultimately inspire a revolution.
    Join us every Sunday hosts Kellee Michelle and Renae Brooks at 9pm EST and every Wednesday night at 8pm with Co-host Akbar Bilal as he interviews guests and discuss the growing economic revolution.

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    Navigating the Flipped Classroom

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    This broadcast will explore the flipped classroom.  Topics discussed will include the definition of the fliped classroom, use of learning managment systems

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    Criminology Summer 2017

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    Students have completed the required tasks for the course and are now embarking on a discussion about crime, crime problems in their hometown or city and in Baltimore. Students will revisit each module, each discussion, my comnents and offer a 2 minute summary of the course and it's impact. Specific discussions about the #BaltimoreCeaseFire are expected.

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    THe Emma Series is finally here in its entirety. Joining Emma Has a Dilemma! which teaches Nouns and Pronouns is Emma Jane Goes On A Plane! which teaches Metaphors and Similes, Emma Beams During A Wonderful Dream Which teaches Superlatives and Comparatives and Emma's All Gloom As She Cleans Her Room! which teaches Conjunctions. Emma and the Always Whimsical Wizard Jake teach these lessons in grammar while flying on a plane in thunder and lightning in Colorado and while Emma who is a bit messy cleans her Room. This duo takes you on adventures in Grammar that are fun and educational. Through the repetition of reading these glorious four books Children 4-8 can learn grammar. It is a tremendous teaching tool because the characters of Emma and Wizard Jake are so endearing.

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    CJDS RAdio

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    Final Show with CJDS 5th graders