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We will discuss the meaning of consciousness from an Afro-Centric perspective. How does one become conscious? How do someone that is conscious behave? Are there any difficulties that come with living a conscious lifestyle?... more

Prison Lives Matter will explain who their members are. The objectives of the movement will also be explained. How you can help will be explained. Why Prison Lives Matter is needed will also be discussed.

Who is Malcolm X? Many of us have an opinion of this man without really knowing him. For most, Malcolm has been reduced to Dr. Kings adversary. For others he's been made a supernatural figure. We will get to know the... more

Maternalism is a Human Right! Black women have to struggle unlike any other group of women to express their Maternal rights. Yet, in spite of this Black Women have been the foundation that our people have been able to build on.... more

So many black men today have an aversion to being serious. Many of us act several years younger than our actual age. Meanwhile, the state has imprisoned and killed black men unjustly with impunity. With 50

Black women in America historically have been the most oppressed group. America was established to provide happiness for rich white men. Poor black women are the exact opposite demographic of that for which this country was... more

The poor did not create the deindustrialization of america, unmatched corporate profiteering and greed, more than a decade of foreign wars, and unregulated tax benefits for the wealthy. When the largest economic institutions in the world... more

How do we get from White Supremacy to Post Racism? Stokely Carmichael once asked, "Can a man condemn himself?" The dominant culture has never fully accepted their responsibility for the underdevelopment of minority communities.... more

Ms. Kay has been fighting for justice for over 15 years. She has worked to correct the errors created by the state towards prisoners. The name of her organization is Resource Information and Help for the Disadvantaged (RIHD). Right now she's... more

The Alabama prison, Hinton Max, exploded and there's been little focus on the cause of the prisoners reaction by the corporate media. It's seen as an isolated incident within the state of Alabama let alone throughout the country. When it as... more