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You Are Loved

You Are Loved


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An outside-the-box show of spiritual teaching and inspiration for outside-the-box thinkers from a minister who believes whole-heartedly in an outside-the-box kind of God. Practical, humorous and encouraging podcasts for the spiritual but not religious, progressive Christians, seekers, believers, hopers and skeptics. We may not be able to define God; "God is love," may be the closest we can get. But it's that love that makes all the difference. And when you know "You are loved," life is good!

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What makes a person want to believe? What makes someone want to be a minister? In this modern, secular, all-doing all the time world, what sparks the movement towards a deeper spiritual life? Reverend Sam Wilde answers these... more

Most of us struggle with a sense of our own imperfections, wrestle with failures, and often don't feel within that we are deeply loved as we are. On the large scale, this plays out in political ideology and personal theogoly that judges and... more

Have you taken a deep breath today? Breath IS inspiration, the in-breathing of the Divine Spirit. Today's special program is a mini-yoga class for encouragement and relaxation. Let's see what it really means to "Let go and let God!"

"You Are Loved" seems like a nice sentiment, but what about when it doesn't feel true? If someone tells you God loves you and you think, "well, then why can't I feel it?" this program is for you. And truly all of us go through this at least... more

Another one for the mothers and fathers! I say mothering is a spiritual path and a spiritual practice and you say...aahhh! This stuff is hard. This stuff is really hard. How can we use the toughest parts of mothering to make progress on... more

Okay, mothers (and people with mothers) this one is for you! A talk by the Dalai Lama inspires a meditation on the Divine Mother and our own humanly imperfect mothers. What does the great Buddhist leader say about his own mother? And... more

On a recent trip, a brand new hat of mine fell into the ocean and sunk to the bottom of the sea. This loss drew to mind the death of a dear friend, who "lost his life" in that same ocean. What happens when something is lost? Can... more

It's the rare person who hasn't dealt with failure. When's the last time you felt like you failed at something? For most of us, it happens all the time, and we aren't too proud of it. In fact, it can be extremely discouraging. But spiritually, failure... more

All week long I've heard people complain about their bodies, their choices and their imperfections. It's easy to look around at others and see how much they don't like themselves--and what it does to them--but what about you? How... more

What DO you do if you have been hurt or angered by your religious experiences? As a child, or maybe an adult, many of us have struggled with religious wounds, from churches, organizations and people who were meant to help us. This is... more
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