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You Are Loved

You Are Loved


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An outside-the-box show of spiritual teaching and inspiration for outside-the-box thinkers from a minister who believes whole-heartedly in an outside-the-box kind of God. Practical, humorous and encouraging podcasts for the spiritual but not religious, progressive Christians, seekers, believers, hopers and skeptics. We may not be able to define God; "God is love," may be the closest we can get. But it's that love that makes all the difference. And when you know "You are loved," life is good!

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Of course we all think many different kinds of thoughts during the day, some that help us and some that hinder us. But there is one thought that can have truly awful consequences; it's also a thought that can be changed. Thinking it leads... more

For most of us with actual troubles and projects to deal with, love seems like a bandaid at best, a pollyanna attitude that won't help anything in the end, not in a substantial way. But what can love actually do? What sort of real-time, real-life... more

Are you going through something? If you're human, you probably answered yes. But if it gets really tough, what can we do to make the "going through" more than just suffering? If you're hanging on by your toenails, some spiritual wisdom can... more

Anyone feeling like an ugly duckling? I read the story to my children last night and realized what a powerful tale it is. After all, the duckling wasn't ever ugly, he just didn't know who he was! When he found out, he saw his own beauty. Of course,... more

People everywhere are filled with sorrow, anger and energy for change after the shootings in Newtown, CT , and yet many do not know what to do. This is the moment to use the power of love to transform a horrific act into lasting changes... more

I want to be part of the love revolution! If you read that and rolled your eyes, you're not alone! Revolutionary love seems like a throw back to the hippie 1960s, but the truth is that love is the fundamental principle of every great religious... more

For many of us, work is nothing but drudgery. The common wisdom goes, "Find work you love," but that's not easy. What do you do when your work doesn't feel meaningful? What role does spirituality play in career? And for those longing to... more

Have you been praying or hoping for something without getting what you want (or an answer at all?) Sometimes we receive strange gifts--not simply unexpected but different ones than we want--and yet these are stil gifts. How do you recognize... more

If you are alive, you're probably in a hurry. It's almost an epidemic, the rushing, speeding, over-doing. Take a few minute to immerse yourself in some slow idea, some slow inspiration, and some ideas on how to slow down long enough to... more

No better time to think about money than during election year! But what about the Love economy? How are things doing in that realm? Money struggles are so prevalent, very few live without experiencing them. Are you worried about... more
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