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You Are Loved

You Are Loved


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An outside-the-box show of spiritual teaching and inspiration for outside-the-box thinkers from a minister who believes whole-heartedly in an outside-the-box kind of God. Practical, humorous and encouraging podcasts for the spiritual but not religious, progressive Christians, seekers, believers, hopers and skeptics. We may not be able to define God; "God is love," may be the closest we can get. But it's that love that makes all the difference. And when you know "You are loved," life is good!

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What are you hoping for in 2014? Most people, even those who will be fast asleep at midnight tonight (like me), use the year's transition to think about what came before and what might be ahead. Popular New Year's resolutions include dieting... more

Most of us spend a lot of life thinking about our childhood version of God or maybe the God we inherited from our parents or an early religious experience. We tend to think that spiritual authorities know God in a way we can't, but everyone... more

Many of us struggle with wanting to do things right, to be perfect, or at least to be perfect in certain areas of our life. How satisfying is it to try? Realistically, it's not even possible! So what's the spiritual solution to perfectionism? Listen in... more

Give yourself the gift of time in this busy season to breathe. Receive the energy and inspiration that comes with deep breathing, pausing and relaxing. Enjoy a mini-yoga session with Sam in her own special style and from wherever you... more

In two days many of us will be sitting at the Thanksgiving table enjoying good food and good family conflicts! Holidays can throw us into all kinds of dysfunction as we remember childhood events, sit around the table with relatives... more

In celebration of the release of my book, Strange Gifts, I'm going to tell some of my story--how I got from there to here and focus on how we all get gifts we don't expect. If you are like many people, you aren't all that comfortable with with word... more

Did you have perfect parents? I don't know anyone who did, and I know many people who had very, very imperfect parents. Most of us struggle with our mothers and fathers at some point in our life--but there is a way to get out of... more

A little incident at the traffic light the other day reminded me of one of the most important abilities God give us: to see things from a new vantage. What IS on the other side of our frustration or confusion or unforgiveness? The show... more

We all know the expression you are what you eat. To a certain extent we are also what we hear. What do you spend your time listening to? What kind of people and teachers do you hear in your life? Most of us hear ten negatives comments for... more

We have plenty of opportunities in our days to feel rejected--from the smallest slight of a stranger to an offense from a dear friend. The pain of rejection is very real; we often carry it with us for a long time. But you don't have to walk around... more
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