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Roger Welton DVM

Veterinary Advice, Animal News & Views with hosts, Dr. Roger Welton & Dr


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Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis are both experienced, practicing veterinarians that write extensively on their respective blogs (Web-DVM.Net and VetChick.com). They co-host this show to discuss the topics that inspire them to blog, while offering their unique experiences and training to offer listeners varied perspectives on pet issues of the day.

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Co-hosts Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis indepthly discuss the all too often unrecognized disease canine cognitive dysfunction, otherewise known as dog dementia. Canine cognitive dysfunction commonly affects senior age dogs and... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen talk about Dr. Roger's recent root canal procedure and the impact it has had on the manner in which he practices veterinary medicine. Send e-mail comments or questions for consideration to be addressed by our... more

Dr Roger and Dr. Karen talk about 5 facts about heartworm disease in dogs that most pet owners are not aware of. The facts they bring to light about heartworm disease are not only very interesting, but offer listeners a better understanding of... more

Dr. Karen and Dr. Roger weigh in on a unique case of a listener's cat that e-mailed a question about her 3 year old cat's insatiable appetite. Kristi's (from Madison Wisconcin) feline will stop at nothing to eat anything and everything in... more

Veterinarian hosts Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen weigh in on the merits - or lack thereof - of feeding pets home cooked diets versus commercially prepared canine and feline diets. E-mail comments to be discussed on the air by Drs Roger and... more

Drs Roger and Karen discuss the differences of chemotherapy for dogs and cats that have cancer in comparison to chemotherapy in humans. Drs Karen and Roger discuss that consideration for choosing chemotherapy should be taken... more

Dr.'s Roger and Karen debate the merit of controversial catch, spay/neuter release (TNR) programs for feral cat populations. Tune in to hear multiple points of view from the effectiveness of these feral feline programs, to the negative impact on... more

Food allergies in dogs and cats can manifest in disease of the gastrintestinal tract, skin and ears, and respiratory systems. Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen discuss how a hypoallergenic food trial is correctly implemented, why they commonly fail, and... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen expand on Dr. Karen's recent article on the necessity for vaccinations for indoor only cats. What are the real disease risks for cats that spend their lives inside? Are vaccinations necessary at all? Tune in and find out... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen make the case for why it is a better choice to have your pet spayed or neutered in Dr. Roger's AAHA Accredited veterinary hospital instead of choosing low cost dog and cat spay/neuter clinics. Dr. Karen shares... more
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