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Roger Welton DVM

Veterinary Advice, Animal News & Views with hosts, Dr. Roger Welton & Dr


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Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis are both experienced, practicing veterinarians that write extensively on their respective blogs (Web-DVM.Net and VetChick.com). They co-host this show to discuss the topics that inspire them to blog, while offering their unique experiences and training to offer listeners varied perspectives on pet issues of the day.

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Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen discuss some commonly seen veterinary medical and conditions and negative mental states in un-neutered or intact male dogs. These conditions range from being a nuissance to to being outright dangerous for... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen talk pheromone therapy for stress and anxiety in dogs and cats. Using pheromone treatment as a means to safely and without side effects help to relieve canine and feline stress (whether situational or chronic) as... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen take on outrageous holistic veterinary internet ?publication? claims that heartworm disease can be effectively prevented ?naturally? without the actual administration of canine heartworm preventive... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen discuss various conditions that commonly lead to hacking, gagging, coughing, and compromised breathing in dogs. The conditions they highlight - laryngeal paralysis, brachycephalic syndrome,... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen discuss one of the most common and frustrating feline diseases: feline lower urinary tract disease. This disease often is first noticed when cats start urinating in the home outside of the litter box. Listen in as our... more

Veterinarian hosts Dr. Karen Louis and Dr. Roger Welton discuss perhaps the most common veterinary visit this time of year: seasonal skin allergies. From varying presentations, short term therapies, long term therapies and how they... more

Hosts Dr. Roger Welton and Dr. Karen Louis discuss the most common injury of the canine rear leg: Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture. Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture or Tear in dogs is a common injury of the major stabilizing ligament of... more

Dr. Karen and Dr. Roger delve into the very common parasite infestation of tapeworms in dogs and cats. Our hosts discuss the different types of tapeworms that may infect dogs and cats, how to treat them, how to prevent them, and the... more

Dr. Roger and Dr. Karen discuss parasites that people can catch from their pets. Our co-hosts also delve into some pet parasites that are widely believed to be contagious to people but in real life are rarely transmitted from pets to people... more

Co-hosts and practicing veterinarians kick off their first 2017 episode prioritizing their top 2017 New Year Pet Resolutions that they believe should be in the forefront of every pet owner's mind. If you want your dogs, cats and pet friendly... more
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