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Skyler Rankin loves all things creepy and enjoys writing fantasies, thrillers and paranormal romance novels for young adult readers. Skyler Rankin has had a secret lover since her teenage years that stalks her wherever she goes. Writing. It started out innocently enough with writing a few little romance stories for herself and her friends. Before long, it was haunting her dreams and occupying her thoughts all throughout her career as an educator. After many years as a school psychologist and writing non-fiction, she has turned her attention to the fiction stories that first enticed her into the world of writing. Skyler says she was 'born to be a writer,' which she describes as more of neurosis than a career. I love giving people mental vacations to escape their everyday realities and help them dive into a good read. Viral Dawn: A Dystopian, Zombie Apocalypse Thriller - What if your world collapsed in seconds, thrusting you into an apocalyptic nightmare where your every move might be your last? An explosion at the army depot unleashes a deadly genetically-engineered virus that turns people into flesh-eating zombies. AJ Carter began his voice acting career mid-high school. We did a faux radio project in which I had to recite a speech by FDR. Afterward, people started commenting how much I aced it and I had a ?Face for radio.? It was uphill from there. My fascination with doing voices started at a young age. I would sit in front of the tv for hours and just copy the voices I heard, mostly on Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, days of our lives, it was a mixed bag. I grew up in a house full of athletes and sports stars. I was the odd man out because I wanted to do nothing but do impressions and write. I'm the actor amongst the athletes. RPM is a new graphic novel inspired by mediums such as Firefly, Farscape and came out of his love of dark matter and sci-fi.
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