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The emperor has no clothes - he's as naked as a jaybird.

Donald Trump has had an enormously bad two-weeks - to date.

He's been outed for his Ukraine caper - by people in his own government.

It's not even a close call - the final straw being delivered by his own Ambassador 
to the EU - Gordon Sondland - who paid for that position with a $1-million donation towards the Trump innaugural celebration.

Sondland said it straight out loud - what Trump had going - was a straight-up quid-pro-quo.  Newly-elected Ukraine president Volodymyr Zalensky was to (1) give a public announcement of an investigation into Joe + Hunter Biden and (2) the 2016 DNC hacking incident.  In exchange - $400-million of an already-approved congressional appropriation would be remitted to Ukraine - but, only if Zalensky did these 2 things.  Otherwise, no dough!

Extortion - bribery - shakedown.  Those words are the first to come to mind.  

There are only a couple of elements that comprise impeachment and they are clearly spelled out in our constitution - (1) treason - (2) bribery - (3) high crimes + misdemeanors.  Bribery - (i.e., extortion/shakedown) - will suffice for our purposes.

Sondland's testimony ensures that the Democrats will impeach Trump & throw the matter over to the U.S. Senate for a trial.

Suffice it to say, the Democrats have amassed a pile of damning evidence against Trump in this regard and the voluminous evidentiary ammunition for the Democrats is going to make this trial an excruciating experience for each & every Republican senator in that body.

Bozo ain't the only one who stands to get kiboshed!

GOP heads will most definitely roll - and what's left of the Republican party can soon be put into a small brown paper-bag!