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My Momma Said --- Donnie, Boy, --- You Won't Always Be A Giant Slayer Or Cold Cock Killer!

You Will Have Days When They're ALL Out To Get You.

That's When U Just Remember What Your Old Momma Says --- Son, You Got To Cold-Cock'Em All --- With Everything You Got --- 

Rain Down A Ring Of Fire On Your Enemies --- Flex Your Muscles --- Roar Like A Mighty Lion In The Jungle --- 

But, Mainly, Just Keep Changin' The Subject --- Or --- Keep Making Up Even More Shit --- So Much Shit That It Will Drown Out All Of The Original Shit That Got You Into Trouble In The 1st Place --- Then, Just Keep Addin' On To It --- Make A Mount Everest Of Shit --- 

You'll Beat'em @ Their Own Game Little Donnie Boy!  --- Momma Knows Best --- It Worked For Me & Your Dad!  God Knows It Worked For Your Grandpa, Frederich

Cold Cock'em Comin' Out Of The Gate, Donnie, Sweetie!  

Better Yet, Get Other People To Do Your Dirty Work --- We'll Give You The Money For That --- Don't Worry --- Your Dad + Mom Are Always There To "Back" You Up, No Matter How Bad You Fuck Things Up!

After All Donnie, Life Is Just One Big Shit-Storm --- Just Be The One To Be In Front Of That Storm --- Let Everyone Else Absorb What You Wreak On This World!  

We're Proud Of You Son, You've Taken Grifting, Extortion, Duplicity, Stiff-Arming & Just Plain In-Plain-Sight Robbery To All-Time Heights ---> Grandpa Would Be So Fucking Proud!

Oh, & One Last Thing, Son, Plead Ignorance, Always Plead Ignorance - You Was The One Who Got Taken To The Cleaners!   Never Let'em Forget That!

And Just Keep On Confusing The Issue By Saying --- What About This & What About That --- And What About Whatever --- Always Works Donnie, Son --- Always Works --- Worked For Your Father & Grandpa!

So, In Conclusion