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Quid Pro Quo  ---->  Quit - Bro' - GO!

You ain't worth more than a fucking "quid".

You're a pro @ being a ho!

Your status is less than quo!

So --->

Just --->

Quit ---> Bro' ---> & ---> GO!

Trump, we're puttin' your balls - (or what's left of them) - up on top of the refrigerator --- until further notice!

I believe we have an extradition treaty with Panama ---> We'll give them you - (for "target" practice) ---> and they'll give us the key to their "locks"!  We'll let them keep on raking in the fees for the use of their canal for 99-years - after which we'll take over and split it 50-50 with them.  They get to use Donald Trump as a Pinata & higher him out for "target" practice to your "buddies"!!!

So, Donnie -

It's time to Quit ---> Bro'  --- & --- GO!

Where you're going ---> they'll be usin' you as a dobro ---> slide guitar ---> they'll be pullin' all of your "string" ---> to squeeze some marmelade out of you!

Panama red is in your future, Donnie-Bro'.

They'll rename all of their correctional facilities ---> Trump Towers!!!

Get it?   Huh, Get it???

Trump Towers will replace the term ---> Penitentiary Or Prison!

Bye-Bye, Donnie ---> There's an unmarked car coming around the side ---> no need to pack anything ---> we got it all covered!

Your family will soon be joining you!

You know, living near the equator will be like one-step removed from HELL!