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Donald Trump has only one talent at this time and that is ranting & raving @ his redneck rallies deep in the "boonies".

So, Donny Boy ---> "rant-away!".

But, Trump's so-called secret meeting with the Taliban @ Camp David - ostensibly to have taken place on Saturday - Sept. 7th - (my birthday, damn!!!) - is the most outlandish bit of fakery ever perpetrated on the American public & a sign of just how gullible the Dumpster's fawning minions are.

The Taliban had absolutely no fucking intention of ever attending any such so-called "secret" meeting with The DONALD & certainly not @ Camp Fucking David!  Trump tried to pull this big of chicanery out of his ass - but as big as his ass is - it ain't big enough for this stupendous feat!

Next, Trump will no doubt announce that sometime next month - his heretofore so-called "secret" meeting  with Boris Johnson - scheduled to take place in Iceland - has been cancelled - due to Boris's "bad-hair" day!

Dementia is not only settling in for Donald John Trumpster - but likewise - for his "demented" supporters.  Yes, they are no longer to be considered "deplorable" - but rather - demented!  The only fitting classification for that "subspecies" of beings.  Just call'em "front-row-joes" ---> as their lives are so depleted of any value or meainng - that a sizeable contingent of them trek to multiple Trumpster rallies around the country - to fill up their time!

Well, we have news for you dementos out there in Trumpistan ---> you're going to lose WISCONSIN - you're going to lose MICHIGAN & you're damn well going to lose PENNSYLVANIA as well as the horses that you all rode into town on!  Let's also throw in Nevada, North Carolina & Iowa - and now you can kiss your asses a long, long goodbye!