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President "Biggie" Just Put On A Pygmy Parade On July 4th In Washington, D.C.

4 Tanks In His "Military" - aka "Skeleton" Parade!

And, thank god we retook the "airports" back from the British in 1814.

Oh, mommy, how embarrassing to lose your own airports to a foreign power --->  especially almost 100-years before the invention of that contraption!

It's time for piano wire & a couple of leather gloves & someone extremely stealthy to sneak up behind "Biggie" & "tie-the-knot"!!!

The Italian "necktie".

Trump defecated & desecrated on the monument to the Great Emancipator!  In effect, Trump showed himself to be what he really is at heart --->

The great Ejaculator!!!

Trump is the great Cum-Quat of all time!

Trump supporters, you're nothing but "squat"!

You don't know diddly-squat!

Maybe a little less Adderoll might help, TrumpSchlumpf  --->  it is, after all, a fucking amphetamine, bozo!

Nothing like farting on our nation's birthday --->  but fart Biggie did!

Except, this time, it wasn't exactly a gas!

Trump is just a pathetic old gheezer ---> trying to go for the brass ring ---> but keeps coming up short and coming across more as a fucking ding-a-ling!

Trump --- will go down --- no doubt, swinging --- but, go down, like Sonny Liston @ the hands of Muhammad Ali!!!