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For the mentally & emotionally-challenged -

Modern life is a virtual impossibility - an inexorable & existential threat.

For these so-affected souls - an interdimensional intervention is provided -

In the person of Donald J. Trump - the ultimate "interdimensional - in effect, a being

Operating without the normal constraints that beset the 3-dimensional beings that comprise the rest of us earthlings.

Trump was sent by the interdimensional beings - who exist just beyond the membrane that separates

Our senses from their existence.

As such, Trump is "equipped" - @ their singular direction - to instill an operational

"Black-hole" effect on the human intellect wherein the light of mental illumination is snuffed out

In favor of absolute darkness or an absolute void - where reason & intellect are rendered extinct.

The normal laws of physics do not apply here- Einstein's applications are suspended or overridden

Under these conditions - all is possible - for the boy wonder - Donald Trump -

Who serves as the handmaiden of those beings outside of our time-space dimension -

Beings far superior to us in many respects, notably the ability to -

Bend more than space-time - but to bend the very underpinnings of stark reality.

And bend, they will --- in the personage of Mr. "Bendy" himself, Donald J. Trump.

All is "bent" making all that follows - from his mouth - POSSIBLE!

Just as light is bent when passing through a prism -

So does Donald Trump take external reality and

Process it through the prism of his mind and - voila!

What started out as "reality-based" becomes distorted and irretrievably warped!

Trump supporters - I don't know how many times it has to be repeated -

But, you are truly "bent" - beyond salvage!