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22 months of hard-won investigation and what do we end up with?

9-hours of "deliberations" by William Barr - Attorney General of the U.S. & Rod Rosenstein - Deputy Attorney General  - leading to & a grand pronouncement TODAY - Sunday - March 24, 2019 - in the form of a short letter to Congress "summarizing" Mueller's report!

For one thing, Mueller NEVER included any Grand Pronouncements in his report!  He had voluminous findings & observations & maybe even "recommenations".  But NO Grand Pronouncements!   The kind of which were made today by Attorney General William Barr in his letter to Congress.

On the subject of conspiracy/collusion - Barr's "summary" letter to Congress said the evidence accumulated by Mueller did not indicate conscious - or knowing - conspiracy by the Trump presidential campaign and Russian operatives.  At least proof beyond a "reasonable doubt".  But, did Mueller really say that - in his own words - in the report he submitted to the Attorney General on Friday - March 22, 2019?  Hmmm.......   Or was it a little more "complicated" than that!

On the subject of obstruction of justice - Barr's "summary" letter to Congress said the evidence was not strong enough to suggest obstruction - but Barr included in his letter - that the report does not exhonerate the President in this regard.  Well, that's a little bit of good new for the rest of us who have 2 good eyes and have been observing this dumb fuck for nigh on over 2 years now!  That means that the ball is back in Congress's court - and that they have a green light to continue to pursue this line of inquiry wherever it may lead!

The no-collusion "pronouncement" - without the whole report - is not really all that convincing.  The sheer number of "co