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Paul Manafort has forfeited his plea deal arrangement with Russia probe Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  It seems that the Mueller team got fed up with all of the lying that lying Paul committed after agreeing to "tell all" truthfully after agreeing to plead guilty to 1 or 2 counts of tax/bank fraud in exchange for lenient treatment as a witness for the prosecution.

That's in the rear view mirror now.  Manafort is 71 years old and is facing a minimum sentence of 10-years.  Rot-in-hell, bastard!  Manafort figures he'll get a pardon from the Dumpster but unfortunately, Mueller has arranged it so that if that were to happen the State of New York can bring up the same charges where a presidential pardon will have no effect at all.  10-years it is, maybe 20!

The latest LIE involves Manafort secretly meeting with Julian Asange in March-2016 at the Equadorian embassy in London.  You remember Julian Assange - of Wikileaks fame - who engineered the mass dump of Hillary Clinton emails on 2 separate occasions in 2016 - once in August and again in October - designed to do great damage to Hillary's campaign.  

It appears from the timeline - given that Manafort assumed the role of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign manager in March-2016, that these email dumps were planned well in advance by both the Trump campaign - Wikileaks - and the Russian intelligence misinformation operatives.  The starting point appears to be close after Manifort's March-2016 secret visit to Assange.

Manifort, wittingly or not, was a Russian agent at the heart of the Trump 2016 campaign.  Manifort took the job of campaign chairman because he was desperate for income - having fallen on hard times and was willing to trade his crucial position within the Trump campaign to turn right around and work hand-in-hand with his Russian clients to savage the Clinton campaign as Russia