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Thanks for the memory
Of stormy's pantaloons
Swinging harem tunes
Amazon hips & burning lips
My manly boast - your girlie swoons
How lovely it was 

Thanks for the memory
Of candle light & wine
Shackles so sublime
My penthouse suite & 
Our Mar-a-lago conga line
How lovely it was

Many is the time that we feasted 
With money from folks you had fleece'd
Oh well it was swell while it lasted
You drank all my rum, then u waiteed for me to plumb

So thanks for the memory 
Of naughty games on the floor 
Nights spent on Jersey shore
You might have been a head case
But you never were tipper gore
I thank you so much

Thanks for the memory
Of chasing you down the hall
Out the house to the horse stalls
That time I ran short of
You hardly saw my Niagra
How ungodly that was - thanks to you

Thanks for the memory
Of lunch we ate off the floor
My hot Ivanka at toot's shore
That pair of risque bandanas
That you bought and I never wore
Say by the way, what did happen to those bandanas

Letters with sweet little secrets
That ended up on Bloomberg news wire
Too bad it all went up in fire
karma's a bitch, I guess
I love you, i confess
& you - you knew i was so sleazy

Thanks for the memory
Of vaults of money they gave
Laundered money gushing in on a wave
Your panty hose in my basin
You're with another fellow - treating me like a slave
I thank you - so much

Thanks for the memory
Of hard-ons at Dubai
My briefs drying under the sky
The night you got irked
When you saw my little smirk
With lip stick on my thigh
(how lovely that was)

Thanks for the memory
Of lingerie with