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Welcome To RoughRiderz-RADIO, Your "Rough" Politics Fix! It's Blog-Radio "Unfiltered". Conservatives Cannot Handle "Modernity"! Ditto For Trumperzzzz Supporters! We Do Our Best To "Bludgeon" These Folks With The Best Tool Available ---- The Reality-Based/Empirical Truth!

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For eight years, Kazakhstan's BTA Bank has waged a legal war on three continents against former Chairman Mukhtar Ablyazov - over $4 billion in missing bank assets. Now, court cases playing out on both sides of the Atlantic... more

Donald Trump Is Running A ographic White House. With or without the Parade of " Stars" --- the whole thing is an exercise in outright ography. The tax bill passed by Congress this past December was an absolute obscenity --- a raw, naked... more

In the year 1990-1991 - John Gotti, the infamous New York Gambino crime family mob moss was "holed" up in Ten South, the high-security wing of the New York Metropolitan Correctional Center's - (In Lower Manhattan) most "secure" area. It... more

It's All Obama's fault. The Russian "infiltration" of our 2016 election is ALL Obama's fault. He was president. He knew some "stuff" was happening, didn't he? He could've just gone on television in September/October-2016 & "blurted"... more

Charles Darwin is right --- those who fail to adapt --- perish!

With that clenched + jutting jaw --- America's "sweetheart", Kelly-Ann-Conway never fails to "confab" her way in front of the cameras to "soosh" away anything that festers within Trump World --------------------> It should be apparent that... more

John Dowd, Trump's Lead Personal Attorney Is A No-Go On Trump Appearing Before Special Counsel Robert Mueller For Questioning On The Russian Probe. It's A Slam-Dunk Bet That Dowd Knows His Client Can't Control His Tongue... more

The Dump knows his days are numbered. It'll take an act of God, an intervention by a UFO mother ship or total amnesia OR mass hypnosis to "stave" off what is coming ---- AND ----- make no mistake ---- it is COMING! Trump supporters,... more

The ONLY way that he (Trump) was able to finance his resurrection --- from his bankruptcies AFTER 2000 --- was the TORRENT of money flowing OUT of RUSSIA and the former Soviet Union countries like Kazakhstan, Azerbajan. The... more