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Rock God of Podcasting

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This is the only place where metal attitude meets talk radio. Ask me anything and hear an amazing story from my life that will amuse, entertain, and even teach you a little something. All Opinions - No Apologies - I am the Rock God of Podcasting!

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Long before the Giant Size Team Up came around I always knew I never wanted to be a solo act. While I have come into accepting my awesomeness, I still know working with a team brings about change more effectively than me alone. My... more

As I have struggled in keeping to a regular schedule for this show I have had to ask myself "Is this really what I truly want if I am letting other life influences get in the way?" This applies to relationships where we give our focus/time/energy to... more

Rock God of Podcasting what is it like being married to Erin McFall? In all of your stories, there are hints if not direct links to what Erin McFall has done for your life. Most of the stories are quick, but we want to know in-depth how she... more

Rock God of Podcasting How do you Feel About Fighting? Society taught me that fighting and conflict is the worst of the bad juju. Why fight when you can negotiate? That mentality is still a conflictual mentality. It still says what I want... more

In the not so long ago past my backpack was stolen and it turned my world upside down. My ability to put food on the table is tied to that bag, but the hurt goes deeper. I go through everything that happened, my unadulterated thoughts and... more

I have dealt with the concepts of being offensive and taking offense over the last few years. Here I finally get to tie it all together in one episode about how taking offense is all on you. Taking is a verb which means it is something you do. So if... more

Mike has been curious and then it is suggested by Angie - How do you deal with the voices in your head? We all have some kind of voice in our head ranging from our parents to monolog to the thoughts that we have trouble quieting.... more

I have a new concept about truth. Truth is a thing that is. We all have it in us and around us - and it is ours to give. What if you realized you could give it and never run out? I go through the steps of how we perceive truth, how we use truth,... more

This is the first episode that has a video to go along with the podcast! Go to youtube.com/Charlesmcfall to see the live recording of this audio. In order to watch live visit Patreon.com/rockgodofpodcasting for more information. Mike... more

This episode is brought to you by patron Mike Woodard who asked why I hate having a safety net. So to give you a taste of where I stand I believe safetynets are an anchor around our necks keeping us from being able to soar. This is in... more