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How are they? The stories of young Black Girls and women who are missing don't get the white girls like Elizabeth Smart or Natalie Holloway treatment. We don't see primetime television specials on them. Their images don't become permanent fixtures on Twitter. Their names don't get hashtags or trending topics. Nationwide man hunts or search parties don't ensue. crying Black parents , pleading for their children to be found. don't interrupt our sitcoms as breaking news. It appears that having blonde hair and blue eyes and having white parents in Suburban America, make it far more likely that a story of a missing young girl will be told.
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A transcendent message of how history can be changed by committed individual who stand up to what is wrong and live by that old freedom song Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around.we must open a window onto the organizing tradition.

The White man say his greatest power over Blacks is that they control everything we as Black people believe. The White man control our education system , control the news media, the entertainment, the rap music, All statistics , land even our... more

In the American criminal justice system. Justice is totally absent expecially in Berrien County , Michigan and the state of Michigan. There is no such thing as justice in America for the poor. The criminalization of the United States citizens... more

Benton Harbor home of corporate giant Whirlpool is a poster child of the rust belt's industrial destruction of the manufacturing life we once knew. Whirlpool a blood sucking corporation as sucked the life out of Benton Harbor.Rev Pinkney has... more

I want to bring something to your attention. There are 9 suspicious deaths. thgat has happen in our city.

The city of Benton Harbor has been taken over by Whirlpool corporation to drive all people of color out of the city. first Whirlpool destroyed the school system, then Whirlpool went after the community , now Whirlpool are after the residents of... more

The residents of Benton Harbor need help

The Black people in Benton Harbor , Michigan. We want to bring to your attention, something very important . There has been some very suspicious deaths that is happening in Berrien County , Michigan, that lead me to believe we have a... more

In the city of Benton Harbor and around the county and around the country black people live are in danger. We need a solution to stop the killing of black folks in Benton Harbor and around the country.

Michael Fitzgerald Williams Benton Township man was found dead in lake michigan, another black man found dead it is up to 9 . who will be next
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