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5Gcause cancer , scientist understand that the elctronmagnet radiation leaking through the door of our mircowave oven are carcinogenic and therefore can cause cancer. Most of these scientist also that these waves are mutagenic meaning they change the DNA structure of living beings 5Gwill be similar to turning on your microwave , opening its door and leaving it open the rest of your life. There is good reason why hundreds of scientist are taking action. We understand scientist recommend a moratorium on the roll out of the fifth generation, .
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This is for the one who oppose the government. This is for the one who do not support the corrupt system. This is for the one who seek the truth and willing to speak truth to power. We must understand, how corrupt the system really is and... more

Contaminated water in Benton Harbor destroy families. Let the truth be told. This was a very bad week in the city of Benton Harbor. Whirlpool Corporation.has completed taken over the city of Benton Harbor, which includes the elected... more

The message is that evil can be overcome. Not since Atticus has a fearless and committed lawyer made such a difference in the American South. Though larger than life, Atticus exist only in fiction. Bryan Stevenson, however, is very much... more

Rash spreads at women's prison. Officials say they don't know the cause though prisoners blames Black mold from leaky roofs. A painful and itcgy rash continues to spread through Michigan's only women's prison, and officials... more

The United States Of America indeed the entire world is in the throes of epochal economic revolution. Transformation from electro mechanical industry requiring human labor to operate gigantic means of industrial production to digitally... more

Members of the caravan of migrants and asylum seekers from Central America are revealing why people are getting up and walking out of their countries heading for the United States.They are saying that they are starving in Guatemala.... more

The informant is a person. One who supplies data and information.A betrayer.a deep throat A rat fink.c

We forfeit the right to worship God as a state or a nation until we do right by the worker and paid them a living wage. We must force the politicians to be true to the people. The people went out and got over 400.000 signatures be true to... more

The image of immigrant children in cagesare incredibly painful to digest still, many people seem to forget that the U.S has long trcrecord of forcible separation families whether it was African American during slavery, Japanese during... more

It is time we the people of this country take a stand for what is right. All people must come togther and fight back. WeIt is more of us the good people , than it is bad people. We must confront the enemy. We can no longer sit silent, and... more
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