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When I say the system in America is a fraud I mean we have the most corrupt system in the whole wide world. Court system isrigged especially to destroy Blacks.Judges preside over phony trials have you ever being to Berrien County , Michigan. The corruption is so bad it is a dailey routine. Mike Sepic is the most corrupt prosecutor in the history of justice. Judge are not only racist but dishonest.The worst group of people inside any courtroom.
  • by Rev Pinkney
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We passionately believe and put hands and feet to the words at the conclusion of our pledge we have spoken so often with liberty and justice for all.The recent fight abolish Louisiana's Jim Crow 10-2 law and free all those were wrongfully... more

The Supreme Court announcement of its much anticipated combined opinion in the two cases Miller V Alabama and Jackson V Hobbs.We will be in the Supreme in Washington D.C for the hearing on Unanimous is not enough Campaig. Mr... more

Spearheaded by Louisiana United International, the Unanimous is not enough campaign is the collaborative , effort of civil -rights, organization, Faith -based organizations, individuals and other stake holders dedicated to correcting the... more

It is our belief that the language of the law maker that this oversight intentional as not to over burden Louisianan 's criminal court system with large number of retrials, grandfathering those cases would mandate. Overburden the finances of... more

In 2015 lead and copper compliance tests in Benton Harbor , Michigan looked good , according to the corrupt elected officials and the city manager.but not so in 2018. The water became undrinkable. We found hundred and hundred of home... more

i HAVE a specific audience in mind people who care deeply about racial justice , but who for any number of reasons do not yet appriciate the magnitude of the crisis faced by communities of color as a result of mass incarceration. I... more

Mr Victor convicted by the 10-2 is unconstitutional. Mr Victor rights was violated by the court. He was not given a fair trial.It was a bad faith indictment.Trial court abused its discretion. The right to present expert witnesses was not allowed. It... more

Belinda Brown Say We have over 2000 people siting in these godforsaken hell holes. We won that vote by 64% The majority of public did not want this law on the books. So we were successful in getting it changed. but now we have... more

Judge Dennis Wiley and Judge Alfred Butzbaugh Defies Michigan Supreme Court. James Madison is describe as one of the great bulwarks of liberty. He is known for his impassioned speech in favor of the first Amendment prior to it... more

In the 19th century Louisiana was faced with a new constitutional requirement after the passage of the U.S. Constitution;s 14th Amendment that force the state to include black people in juries. Since Louisiana required juries to reach... more
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