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American Dissident Voices 8.19.19: Killing History, part 1

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ATLANTA, GA where the first big Jewish fake news campaign began and where local B’nai B’rith president Leo M. Frank sexually abused and murdered 13-yr-old Mary Pahagan; a dirty deed, born from a dirty seed, is about to begin. The Jewish power structure is unhappy, and has been unhappy for over 100 yrs, because one of their own leaders was caught using and then killing a little White girl. They are doubly, triply unhappy that alternative news sources like National Vanguard and a growing number of others have spoiled their fake “Leo Frank was an innocent victim of anti-Semitism” hoax and alerted the people of Georgia and the people of the world what they are up to.

So the Jewish power structure has decided to quite illegally & unconstitutionally create a new, unprecedented branch of the legal system, never known before, to go back to already-decided court cases and reverse the verdicts if Jews don’t approve of them, totally bypassing the normal pardons and appeals processes that have existed for hundreds of years.

This is the story, a story of deceit and crookedness & of lies of the new so-called “Conviction Integrity Unit”

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